White Noise Eardrum Buster: Hear the “Lightning Undersun”, the house shaker.


Tape came in a bag with Undersun sticker on bag and color xeroxed art work page that wrapped tape.

Now I rarely hear folk music mixed with experimental industrial and darkwave. ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) records is known for putting out weird and out there lo fi music, everything from black metal to twisted techno, some of those genres mixed together. “Lightning Undersun” is one such project, this is one tape whose sound is hard to pin down and that is the way I like it, Discogs gives really thin information on “Lightning Undersun” I did get this off of Analog Worship, there was a limited edition of 30 I got tape 3, I know this is a small label but I really am not into the whole small amount of “limited edition” batches that only certain people can get, especially if your stuff isn’t up on a streaming service or bandcamp. I know ASKE pulled down their whole discography on bandcamp and are doing physical release only, that means only 30 people are going to hear “Lightning Undersun” which doesn’t make any sense to me at all, there is a bit of snobbery and elitism when a release is only limited to X amount of copies. I know most of these types of labels hate the mainstream and trends but who is gonna listen to your label or band if you keep it off of everything? Your label and band can remain special by just sticking to your principles and sound, strictly limiting yourself as a label makes no sense.

White pro tape with number of tape in the series in black marker.

The “Lightning Undersun” tape, besides the bag having xeroxed art work folded over the tape, has a slip of paper with the track listings on them.

Track listing sheet.

So for a track by track break down, so track one is called “The Son”, kind of a play on words, this track is a weird mix of darkwave and folk with low echoing vocals that switch to clean higher pitched vocals, with wailing flute,a programmed drum machine beat in back, and a acoustic guitar strumming along, so far this track sounds a lot like “Death in June”. Track two is called “Blood God”, this track is a fast paced affair with hardcore screeching vocals that go into clean singing, then into what can only be described as industrial noise racket and then a strummed acoustic guitar and field recordings of rain and thunder, a sample from some old movie is played and then harmonious singing. Track three is called “War in the Sky” it starts with a steady drum machine beat, static noise like you’d hear in the “Harsh Wall of Noise” genre and a ghostly synth with light background talking and near the end of the track various strumming acoustic guitars colliding with keyboards. The last track “The Wheel Turns” starts with bongos and a electric sitar playing fast, dogs barking, people grunting and the deep, echoing darkwave vocals return to round out the track. These tracks repeat on side B.

The color xeroxed art that folds around tape.

So to get struck right away, go here, because there is no other way to be struck because this tape is for sale nowhere:




Short (S)hit list: “Cornshukker” (1997) Motherfucker!!!

The Cornshukker, motherfucker.

Which was my response when I first watched this movie, in fact, when I first got this movie from “Vinegar Syndrome” and watched it, it kind of pissed me off, it was everything I hated in a movie, pretentious, trying to be weird, trying to be different, trying to be funny etc. Then after it ended at an hour and three minutes, my mind started to meditate on what I watched, the movie wasn’t long, to make the “Short (S)hit” list it has to be under a hour ten minutes, to me that is a short film, after the hour ten minute mark its a feature. Then an hour later I was still thinking about the movie, Cornshukker’s nasally refrain “I know” to any person who visited his sparse and rustic abode started to make me chuckle, then I meditated on the Cornshukker, a ghostly figure from folklore made up by the director/writer Brando Snider off of a painting he made, the Cornshukker is supposed to be a cryptid/nature spirit who lives on corn whose natural habitat is being in infringed upon by civilization. The Cornshukker’s skin is pale, he has no hair, black lipstick and eyeliner and wears a ill fitting suit with a wide tie, in other words he is a mopey 90’s goth kid.    

Cornshukker’s bad digital telepathic “effect”.

He mainly communicates through telepathy and when he does this his head stretches and morphs via cheap 1990’s in camera digital effects, crawdads invade his property and make loud noises in his head so he smashes them bloodily in the carpet, and various visitors like a girl scout cookie seller, prancing flute player, traveling dead heads, a make up saleswoman, a crazy pastor, a drunk pizza delivery guy from “Smegma Pizza”, a Mexican Senorita, a bigoted person in a creepy old man mask etc. come to Cornshukker’s shack and almost all of them with weird lines they read stilted. If you got this far reading this your probably muttering or yelling in a anger “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK”. That was my initial reaction but I watched it again, the Cornshukker is a movie that is dream like, the weird visitors the Cornshukker seem to me to be from some other dimension, I mean this was filmed in the Mid West so that would probably explain a lot of this vibe. The soundtrack is a whole other thing, the music is mainly ghostly lo fi country, something that one would hear on some radio signal from the ghost world, the segments and the “logic” in this short film drift on seas of the abstract. When (SPOILER AHEAD) Cornshukker kills the bigoted old man, a young guy in a weird old man mask, with a shovel, Jesus Penis’ “I Left My Body” industrial track drifts in, now this track sounded familiar to me, I had to search my memory banks, some burned out from all the substances I’d done in the past and some overloaded with underground pop culture effluvia, in the credits under the “soundtrack heading” the name “Bureaucracy of Hope” and a address to the record company popped up then I remembered the shitty, shot on video movie that tried to rip off “Necromantic”, the movie “Ghorewhore”  and its industrial soundtrack which was the whole compilation album “The Bureaucracy of Hope” the title “Elephants Force-Fed on Stale Chalk” (which I will post on my bitchute channel and do a review of sometime), on that album is Jesus Penis’ ghostly “I Left My Body”, it gives the murder scene a nightmare quality. A hour and three minutes for a movie like this is perfect if the “Cornshukker” had lasted longer I would’ve literally “shukked” this film onto amazon or ebay. It has drawn comparisons to “Eraserhead” but “Eraserhead” it is not, both are black and white but that is where the similarities end, “Eraserhead” builds tension, a nightmare atmosphere of barely comprehended fear, you can feel “Eraserhead” vibrating in your bones, “Cornshukker” doesn’t mess with any of that, it bashes you over the head with its weirdness, some people will retaliate in anger and some will go down unconscious and happy, at first I was the former but now I am the latter. “Cornshukker” took some time getting used to, if you aren’t patient you will not like this film.

Cornshukker does not like crawdads.

“Cornshukker” was made on a six thousand dollar budget, Brando Snider, the director decided to make this movie after he watched Robert Rodriguez’s “El Mariachi”, a precursor to his later bigger budgeted movie, “Desperado”. When Brando found out that Rob made his movie for as little as seven thousand dollars, he knew he could make a movie on his own. He said two thousand dollars went to the director of photography, Jim Tipperman, one thousand dollars went for film, and one thousand dollars to process it, he had no money at the end of it. He had to take out a loan through the Greenfield Banking Company, the loan officer who gave him his loan, Judy Gable, was in the movie she is one of the people in the (SPOILED MEAT AHEAD) torch and pitchfork ending. The mob with the pitchforks and torches at the end were people they asked in the local Fortville pub to play the crowd, so twenty to thirty drunk people showed up with pitchforks and torches. The police were actually called because they thought the film crew was a satanic cult, Brando’s mom and grandma tried talking to the police but were told to shut the fuck up at shotgun point, when Brando showed them he had permits to film they dropped the guns and said into the radio “Film Crew” and left like nothing happened.   For the character of “Cornshukker” Brando almost got a professional actor to play the character and he found the perfect guy, tall, lanky and skinny, the only problem was the actor had long hair and the “Cornshukker” has a completely shaved head, and the actor wouldn’t shave his head, so Brando hired his brother Jason who shaved his head and in my opinion, is the “Cornshukker” nobody else could’ve played him, most of the cast of “Cornshukker” is family and friends.  The only two professional actors in the movie was David Briggs who played the Reverend Lewd and Jack Rooney who played the ranger/cop. The acting of the non actors in this reminded me a lot of “Gummo”, Harmony Korine, the director of “Gummo” used some actors in his movie but shot actual people in their surroundings, this is called “Cinema Verite”, an almost documentary style of capturing moments on film. When Brando was filming out in public with the Cornshukker people would drive by and yell “Powder!” Which was a lamestream movie that came out back around when he shot his movie and it pissed him off because he thought his character was nothing like “Powder”. He did post production in a place that let him pay off the post production cost by shrink wrapping tapes which took six months, they allowed him two hours to edit his movie, an older guy, David Lister, helped him edit the movie, he said Lister was an ex hippie who loved “Cornshukker”. After the film was finished VHS copies were made and distributed they sent a copy to Sundance Film Festival but were turned down, they sold the VHS at twenty bucks a tape through various channels and for the longest time this movie was hard to find until its Blu Ray release. Along with Vinegar Syndrome this was put out in partnership with VHShitfest, a company that specializes in releasing little seen movies.

So do you want to get “shukked” well go here and pick up that “corn” before the whole field disappears:

Go luck, mothershukkers.



Web Site Spotlight: 366 Weird Movies

Been awhile since I did one of these, hell, been awhile since I have posted, been busy and lazy, since I can’t make a basket of mackerels with this web site I have to do actual work to keep myself alive and after that work is done I don’t want to do anything but veg out and let my brain soak in the book I am reading, the movie/TV show I am watching or the music I am listening to. I really have to force myself to work on my blog, that being said I constantly go to this site, “366 Weird Movies”. This site has introduced me to so many cool movies, TV show and other media I otherwise wouldn’t have heard about. They have different features like “Saturday Shorts” where a weird short of yesteryear or current day is featured every Saturday,  “Apocrypha Candidates” different reviewers try to decide if a certain weird movie should join the list, “Weird Watch Party” where you can join other fans of strange cinema on streaming platforms to group watch a weird movie, “Weird Horizon for the Week” where they list theaters and festivals showing odd movies and DVD and/or Blu Ray releases of strange films for the week, “Whats in the Pipeline” where they discuss movies and TV shows in production or that are coming out in the near future, “Capsules” where movies and TV shows of the past that are bizarre are reviewed, and interviews with film makers. I could read “366 Weird Movies” all day long, but there is a draw back, sometimes “366 Weird Movies” has the “stench of hipster” all over it, some of the pieces are way up their own ass and they make me roll my eyes. The drawback to some of these sites is it seems that the people who run them and write for them think their better than everybody else with their unpopular and fringe tastes and sometimes politics gets injected into the pieces were politics doesn’t even apply which is one of my biggest pet peeves. Look, nobody gives a shit about what you think, talk politics if it has do with the plot or message of the piece of media you are reviewing. This even pisses me off when the person agrees with me, but overall these are minor drawbacks and their rare, though the hipster thing is a light coat over the whole web site. That being said this site is one of the few that searches out movies and TV shows no one else does and as a result I have found a lot of good stuff both old and new. So go over to “366 Weird Movies”, take the road less traveled, even if it is crooked and leads to a rabbit hole.

Go weird here:


Audio White Noise: Going to go “Tasmania 2”-iac on your ass!!!

The cover to the “Tasmania 2” LP

Well here it comes, are you ready for another bad acid trip for your ears? A lethal hot needle in the veins? Ready to go tripping through black poppy fields? Then look no further than the much awaited sequel (check out the first volume compilation here: YOUR WELCOME) from the land down under, “Tasmania 2”, put out on 2 LP’s with a booklet of trippy art by the notorious and now probably defunct, Overuse Records in 2018, this features various bands and noise projects, some with the label owner’s different projects. If you have a short attention span, or your ADD like I am you won’t get bored, in this volume like the first you get raw black metal, blackened punk, blackened noise, dark wave and bubbling, oozing noise but without further ado here we go, the first track “Pixelated Waves” is by Colour Sensory, it is a blackened noise slap that at first has blown out sound then calming drones and lilting keyboards drifting in and out of the track, the second track is “Closure” by “Leather Temple”, crackling static and ear piercing feed back populate this track for the fetish leather set.

Page 1, featuring art for the Colour Sensory and Leather Temple tracks.

 Next up is the tracks by Fixation, “Pounding”, and “I Can’t Make It Stop” two blackened punk hardcore stomps that will melt your face and step on your toes until their a bloody mess, next up can you smell “The Scent of Masculinity”? Because I don’t want to, this track by Claudia has a simple, warm drone with pulsating sound and soft drum machine keeping rhythm.

Page 2 featuring art for the Fixation and Claudia tracks.
Page 3 featuring art for the Carved Cross and Dysassociation tracks.

Carved Cross breaks that vibe on their track “Washed Away in the Passage of Time and Regret” with slow, evil, plodding, raw black metal and shrieking in agony vocals, next up you have Dysassociation with the tracks “Interlude”, “Head in the Clouds” and “Interlude 2”, blown out dark wave with haunting, wind chime synths.

Page 4 featuring art for the Night Falls Haunting tracks.

Night Falls Haunting has three tracks “Rest of the Lonely”, “Ancient Rites”, and “Tradition Dies Slowly” the band goes in a different direction with their music on this comp, its hard to describe, their first track is what I’d call “acoustic black metal”, the second track has a incessant drum machine beat, a scratchy repeated riff, hoarse vocals and a strumming acoustic guitar that occasionally comes in, and on the third track there is another repeated scratchy riff with chanting flute in back with the gruff shouted vocals.

Page 5 featuring art for the tracks by Isolationist and Leather Temple.

Isolationist comes on with their twisted power electronics track “Knowledge Control” wailing distorted synths, harsh, electrocuting ripples and banging noise agony with shouted, echoing vocals, once again Leather Temple comes with its sonic whips and chains to torture you audio wise with “The Blurred Lines Between Sex and Death”.

Page 6 featuring art for the tracks by Gaunt and Plague Whore.

Next up Gaunt comes on with some blown out, droning dark wave track with “A.E.” a call back to suicidal, minimal wave, goth 1980’s style, Plague Whore warps your ears with blackened noise filth and black metal vocals run through a static filter with their two tracks of audio horror “Invocation/Apparition” and “Glory to the Mother of Sex” which includes Hindu chants with its wailing noise.

Page 7 featuring art for the tracks by Carved Cross and Claudia.

Carved Cross mourns life with its minimal, primitive slow plodding black metal track “All Debris Return Home to Rest”, and last but definitely not least Claudia closes the compilation with his pulsing, calm and bubbling ambient track “No Sign of Weakness”.

So if you want to find this slab of white noise your gonna have to go here:

To assault your ears now go here:



Visual White Noise Theater: Stop Playing Your “Mind Game” (2004)

I haven’t dropped acid or done mushrooms in years and I thought I was having a flashback, maybe I was falling asleep watching this movie and getting those flashes of dreams you get when you wake up quick and fall asleep repeatedly until you just give up and lie down. “Mind Game” from Japan (where else) will play mind games with you, it will toy with you, your emotions and mental state, it will always win.


This isn’t your traditional Japanese animated movie, which is what I liked about this one. Seriously, I kind of get burned out on the “big eyed anime” style that prevails in almost every Japanese animated movie. This one takes a wink and nod to “Belladonna of Sadness” (which I will review in the future) where various forms of animation are mixed together in an eye stabbing, mysterious brilliance.

Nishi, aspiring Manga artist encounters an old flame on the subway, Myon who is running from a yakuza member/football player Atsu. Nishi finds out she is getting married and is still in love with Myon but is too much of chicken to actually say it, he says it in his imagination but not out loud. Over all, you get the feeling Nishi lives most of his triumphs in his own head, he is dreamer but it doesn’t help him in the real world. However, they go to Myon’s father’s Sushi restaurant, her sister Yan is at the bar making sushi and serving beer while their dad drunkenly talks about his sexual conquests, Nishi gets pissed off and goes off on him talking about this in front of his own daughters, in this scene you can’t tell if this is in Nishi’s head or if he is actually telling the father off, Myon’s soon to be husband Ryo shows up and its awkward. Two yakuzas walk in, one is Atsu who I just mentioned was chasing Myon. The yakuza are looking for Myon’s father who is hiding because he screwed Atsu’s girlfriend. They start threatening everybody, Ryo tries to punch out Atsu and Atsu fells him, he goes to rape Myon and Myon shouts for Nishi who is curled up in a ball in fear. Atsu disgusted by his behavior shoots him through his asshole. Nishi dies and ascends into some strange afterlife where God mocks him for being a loser, Nishi pissed off and wants another chance so instead of running to the gate way of the afterlife he runs towards the life tunnel and God chases him, he gets back in his body and kicks ass.

Or are we sure he actually gets back in his body kicks ass? What happens next is insane, Nishi, mad at wasting his life with Myon and Yan in tow, leads the Yakuza on an insane car chase where they are swallowed by a whale. Inside the whale they come across a ship and an old hermit who is an ex Yakuza, he turned his ship into a toy, food, comfort laden pleasure palace. From there it gets even more crazier, on the surface you may see non sense but beneath it, if you really drink it in it has got a lot of layers religious, philosophical and spiritual. The movie uses different types of animation to express different emotions and thoughts. Weebs who want “traditional” anime aren’t gonna happy and there isn’t probably enough stupid action for their “Bleach/Sailor Moon” ridden brains. This movie will have you questioning everything. Is this all in Nishi’s head? Is he in the after life? Did he really come back to life and start to kick ass? Can you really survive being swallowed by a whale? On that last note there is a lot of religious iconography in this movie, both Western and Eastern. To all of you people who don’t want to think about your movies this one isn’t for you.

The music is pretty strange to and goes with the mood, some are Broadway type musical numbers and some are Bossa Nova numbers. Overall this movie has a dream like logic but when you fit the pieces together like a puzzle most of it will fall right into place. This piece of visual art noise is a must have for people who want something different in their Japanese animation.

So where do you want to play the “Mind Game”? Well this isn’t going up on my bitchute channel, while I upload stuff over there because copy right is pretty much non existent I don’t want to push it too far by putting this up there and also these film makers are still in existence and need your support, so just get your favorite search engine and put in “Mind Game” and “Streaming”, Amazon, Youtube, Apple etc. have it pretty cheap or you can always visit that Pirate in the Bay you super cheap, cheatin’ bastid.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: “Times of Terror” (2003) will rain down upon your head!!!

“Outsider metal”. When you see that word you think “weird”, “crazy”, or some “lone lunatic who thinks he/she is a genius and nobody else thinks or plays like them”. At least that is what comes to my mind when I think of “Outsider Metal”, none personifies that more than the South Carolina madman, Dwarr, or Duane Warr whose been churning out “one man band” metal since the early 1980’s, most of it in the doom/psychedelic metal vein but you haven’t heard doom metal like this, guitar solos flying out of nowhere, drums all over the place, vocals drifting in and out, sometimes vapor like, sometimes howling Ozzy like, Dwarr’s music has to be heard to be believed. The story is no different on his 2003 release “Times of Terror”. 

Not only does he play all the instruments, he painted the crazy cover, the Chimera from Revelation chasing a guy who looks like my uncle who likes to golf and bowl on the weekends. So if you aren’t aware of Dwarr I should give a little background on this guy. His first couple of albums “Starting Over” (1985) and “Animals” (1986) are underground/outsider metal classics. The first album is more psychedelic metal, imagine a album full of songs that are slow, druggy, dreamy and bizarre. The story goes that he “borrowed” instruments from the local high school, horns included to do this album and he played all the instruments.  “Animals” is straight up Sabbath worship played with Dwarr’s signature style, guitar all over the place, syncopated rhythms and Ozzy vocal wailing, the title track was based upon a dream he had of man animal things attacking him. There was a rumor that he thought demons were speaking to him through his records that he burned them all. He said that that was false that he only burned some. For awhile he gave up music because he thought it was a devil’s game, he came back to it later, way later as in 2000 with the album “Holy One”. Which I will review sometime.

The white noise I am reviewing now is the next album after “Holy One” which is the “Times of Terror”. I’ve got to warn you, the lyrics are religious and pro Christian but if that turns you off from the insane weirdness, vibe and timings in this album I don’t know what to tell you, I’d say your really missing out. Dwarr has got his own vision of what music is and what religion is, this monster is something I can listen to on repeat. Its just so damn bizarre. While the Ozzy worship in the vocals is apparent, the playing and how the instruments interact with each other are all over the place. The first track “Times of Terror” is a 30 minute, doom metal epic with manipulated vocals divided into different parts “Trumpets” (has synthesized trumpets), “Times of Terror”, “Traps and Pits”, “Angry Waves”, “Evil World”, “Die Like Flies”, “Days of Death”, and “America” has lyrics like “America, land of the free, what have you done with your father’s faith” with a strange whiny synth line between the crazy out of control solos, thick bass and drums, the songs “Harmony” and “Tears You Cry” feature a flute. Dwarr doesn’t give a fuck, he plays music the way he likes.

While I had the first two “classic” albums I had a hell of a time finding “Holy One” and “Times of Terror” so I searched for his name on google. I saw a real estate agent by the name of Duane Warr in South Carolina, I wondered if this was the same guy. I shrugged and e mailed his AOL account (didn’t even know AOL existed anymore). I got a response almost instantly, yep, it was THE Duane Warr, he was selling houses and he said that his wife was setting up a web site that would sell shirts, CD’s and bandanna’s and that it should be ready soon and to be patient with it. He was a completely cool dude, I would check to see if his web site was up once in awhile for the longest time it wasn’t, I figured maybe it would never be up. Then I got a e mail from Duane who told me the site was up I went instantly over there and got a shirt, and the two CD’s I’d been looking for. Duanne e mailed me again and told me I forgot to choose the T shirt size. I already could tell this guy was fucking cool. So yeah, if you like your music weird, insane, different, crazy etc. Dwarr has got it all in spades, and he does have a message, that religious message makes his music even more weird and unique. Do yourself a favor and go buy something from him, he might record another album (cross fingers):

To listen preview the album (buy the fucking thing) go to:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: “Incredibly Strange Metal” that stopped living and became mixed up music.

I like any band or group that goes out of their way to find the upper limits of white noise and push music across boundary lines, people who break the “sound barrier” so to speak. Granted some of the results aren’t the greatest but I like people who take risks with little skill and in the process birth into existence something twisted, original and new. When it comes to metal I love the experimental end of the spectrum, the weirder and more twisted the better, bands like Mr. Bungle and John Zorn’s Naked City make my day, I approve of any band that tries something different in their genre. This comp documents that music. Granted some of this stuff isn’t “metal” but more “hard rock”, but these were bands who tried to sound a certain way but ended up putting their personal stamp on the sound. Foreign bands in particular, especially the ones behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, only heard Western music via pirate radio and renegade European and American military radio signals and then interpreted that sound their way behind closed doors for fear of being arrested by the secret police.

From what I have gathered from the now defunct “Obscuro” blog,  this was compiled by “The Corroseum” blog which is still around, a company in Europe, “Lust Fungus”, put this out in 2002 on CD R. The cover apes the book and CD covers of the “Incredibly Strange Music” series put out by the “RE/Search” crew. Boy did they unearth some white noise, weirdness track number one features the Russian band Oblachnyi Kraj with “Sazhaj Korneplody Uyrschlvag Luk!” A stomping, psychedelic metal number with ripping guitars and swirling keyboards and shouted lyrics, your off to a rip roarin’ start, like a batch of bad acid. The next two tracks are by the elusive Damien Storm,  “Frakenstein’s Castle of Sorcery” starts with what sounds like a Halloween sound effects record playing in back, out of tune guitars and Damien trying to hit Dio vocal highs but cracking, “Realms of Destiny” follows the same formula, I get the impression the guy plays all the instruments on his albums like the awesome Dwarr. Tracks Quadro and Cinco are done by a Nepali hard rock band called The Crisis based out of Katmandu, and boy do they wear their foreign influences on their sleeve, both tracks “Kolahal Ma” and “Maya Boki Aau” carry strange tunings and timings, very exotic sounding, wish I could find the full length album, it isn’t anywhere for sale, even on discogs.  The next two are done by Belgian hard rock band Kuster and boy oh boy, I was rolling on the ground laughing hard when these two tracks hit my ears, “All A Live” and “Love A Bit”, this is a band attempting to sound like 1980’s era Ozzy Osbourne, but they lack the skill and come out sounding like Black Flag era “Slip It In”, that is not a bad thing either, the singer is completely out of time and tone deaf, I love this fucking band, their full length is a god damn ripper, more hardcore punk with a metallic edge even though they call themselves “hard rock”. Next up is a one man band (HELL TO THE FUCKING YES!) Exmortes who attempts to sound evil and mysterious as the first wave of black and death metal bands of those days, again the guy doesn’t have the skill, all he seems to do is repeat lines of lyrics, he doesn’t even sing, and it sounds like he is reciting the lyrics through his pillow while the same see sawing riff plays in the back with a drum machine, it has to be heard to be believed, both songs “Forced to Be Silent” and “Creed of the Eternal” are mishap masterpieces, I searched out and found all of his output which really isn’t that much. Everybody hates Exmortes, I am not one of them. Next up on the list is Drakar with “Tunelem Zp├ítky” the cascading, snarling riff gets stuck in your head, the singer isn’t in tune with the riff and the vocals are manipulated, another good oddity out of the Czech Republic. Following that is Morsure, with the song “No Moral” that features shouted punk French vocals again out of sync with the rest of the music over thrash guitars, bass and a blast beat drum machine, the band’s full length “Acceleration Process” is pretty awesome, the same craziness with some songs having a Motorhead vibe to them. A comp of bizarre, left field metal wouldn’t be complete without the Italian doom band Black Hole and their song “Blind Men and Occult Forces” slow and plodding metal with a whining synth organ in back and vocals trying to hit highs but not succeeding, find their full length “Realms of Mystery” with crayon created cover, lovely weirdness all over. The Runaways, yes the same all girl proto glam punk band featuring Joan Jett and Lita Ford, try to do a metal song called “S-P-E-E-D M-E-T-A-L”, the song is anything but speed metal, its a hard rock number that isn’t fast and leans more towards the punk side of things, but since its The Runaways its a must listen. Who’s next? The Russian band Legion with the jaw dropping “Hold On” the song starts as a straight ahead death metal tune then descends in to female jazz singing, swinging jazz bass and guitar, the type of song you’d hear in a sleazy and smoky lounge in Las Vegas, I love this fucking tune, this is sure to piss off a lot of Death Metal purists, who cares, fuck em’. And then we charge straight ahead into Torn Flesh with their self titled track, a religious thrash band whose singer sounds like he is gurgling marbles and a “clean” singer shouting about Jesus dying on the cross, the guitars and drums are all over the place. A must listen, just like their follow up track “Gay Rights?!” Complete with lyrics like “Its Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”, the same marble vocals and a annoying and snarling riff with shouted background vocals, then a barking dog getting hit with a shoe. Yep you heard that right, God damn or should I say “Gosh damn”. Next up to bat is the Czech lunatic Svaty Vincent with “Krucifix”.  Svaty is another unique individual that has his own vision of what music should be, in this case its experimental black metal, riffs, bass, guitar and synth going in all directions while he shouts in Czech like a demonic maniac, I have posted his hard to find live self titled debut album here

A kid’s metal band? Is that what you want? Hell yeah! Give me my “Transformers” sippy cup. This band is Secret Metal with “The Cop”, so apparently in the late 1980’s in Sweden a youth group decided to have their members record a comp album with New Wave, Punk and Metal tunes, that album is “Girls and Boys Helge 87” which I will get around to posting about one of these days, “The Cop” is a track off that album. Siren and shooting sound effects, out of tune guitars, drums that fall down stairs and kids singing about running from the police and getting shot, tracks like these make comp albums like these a must have. Want more on your plate? Then you got “Lester Maddox” with “Egypt (The Chains Are Off)” this song is a slow plodder with a exotic Egyptian riff that picks your brain and says “Remember Me” and you will, truly “Strange Metal” and genre fucking at its best. Want dessert? A burned, tough to eat dessert? Here come the South Americans Parabellum with “Madre Muerte” is black metal, out of tune brutality, primitive, mean, nasty, this last track is a mess… a beautiful mess, what a way to go out with a nuclear bomb. BOOOOOM!!! So what the fuck are you waiting for? Do you need anymore urging? Give this son of a bitch a listen, noise addicts, you’ll be glad you did.

The people at the defunct “Obscuro” blog put out two more of their own “Incredibly Strange Metal” comps where the links are dead. I might do those also in the future.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: All hail “Svaty Vincent” (1990)

“Svaty Vincent” translated from Czech is “Saint Vincent” and no its not the Saint Vincent who is a hipster, “indie musician” who looks like a super model, this “Saint Vincent” looks like Anton La Vey, believes he is a saint, believes he is from outer space and makes messed up music. Fellow noise travelers here is a twisted and strange journey for you to get into…

“Svaty Vincent” the self titled 1990 album is very hard to find in any format. Again it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, luckily on discogs a seller had it stateside so it came fast. On discogs they list this album’s genre as “noise rock”, but its way deeper than that, while there is screeching feed back and weird song structures it cuts deep into experimental black metal territory. I found out about this artist when I listened to the compilation album “Incredibly Strange Metal” (you can find my review of the “Incredibly Strange Metal” comp here ), his track was so unhinged and so insane I had to find out more about the artist.

So I stumbled into the now defunct Obscuro blog and found a review and download link for the self titled album, unfortunately the link was dead and then I knew I’d have to look for the needle in the haystack. As you can tell from the album art, the cover, lyric book and back screamed “Black Metal” aesthetic with its black and white cover and cheap packaging. The Obscuro blog calls it metal and I call it metal, this isn’t Jesus Lizard or Happy Flowers type noise rock stuff. The album sounds like a live recording of a performance, it sounds as if Quorthon of Bathory decided to go in a more jazz, improvisational, experimental direction. This shit is insane, this music just explodes into chaos and wrecks destruction, here and there a synth comes in and at one point nature recordings of birds and wind slow down the music. This is white noise you can get drunk on.

The CD copy I got had “Rick” written on it, HA! HA! That isn’t my name. I was glad to even get a copy of this thing, Svaty Vincent’s back story is strange and probably mostly made up or he really believes this stuff about himself. I had to use google translate and go on Czech sites to find out more about him, even then it was sparse info but here goes, so apparently he was widely known in the Czech Republic, he claims he is 2,500 years old, that he is the third divine incarnation, the ruler of the universe and the terrible beast from Saint John’s Revelation, he claims  that he is Lucifer and the Angel of Death, he claims he was investigated by the CIA and NASA, he claims he immigrated to the US in 1980 and was confined to a insane asylum, he says he had a hand in the death of the Soviet Communist Party leader Brezhnev, telepathically lead President Reagan, claimed he mentally started Vietnam and directed the bombing of Hiroshima. Yep this guy made music, he said Prague was the mystical center of the universe and that: “My embalmed body will one day be placed in a glass pyramid in the second courtyard of Prague Castle and pilgrims from all over the world will worship me. My huge statue, blessing Prague, will be erected on the Letna Plain. “

Also a book of his holy sayings was published in the early 1990’s. This guy didn’t care what others thought of him, this is ultimate “outsider music” and you most definitely want to listen to this stuff, it will enrich your life and existence.

To listen to the album go here:

Discogs page:




White Noise Eardrum Buster: Their sick their twisted and they hate…emos. “Fuckemos-Lifestyles of the Drugged and Homeless” 1995 CD

Fucked up, modulated vocals. Check. Stupid, creepy, juvenile lyrics. Check. Cheesy synths. Check. Trombone solos. Check. Fat druggy metal chords. Check. Violins. Check. INSANITY. uh, check. All packed in a cardboard stock case with booklet full of retro porn and the band members in Gestapo get ups, you know your in for a offensive, rippin’ n’ roarin’ good time.


Huge fan of this band and I am planning on doing a review of all of their other albums. Of course I like bands that are weird and demented, it is one of my biggest criteria for checking out a band. The Fuckemos are from Austin, Texas the same breeding ground that spawned the Dicks, the awesome Butthole Surfers, Roky Erickson etc. The band started with the moniker “Warthog 2001UK” after a security guard pissed off the one of the founders of the band, Russell Porter, at a club called Emos, he changed the band name to “Fuckemos” of course this name was prophetic since everybody fucking hates emos.

2nd Cover panel

San Francisco poster artist, Frank Kozik, became interested and signed them to his record label, “Man’s Ruin Records” and released their first album. Their follow up, which I am posting up here, was put out on another poster artist, Lidnsay Kuhn’s record label “No Lie Records”. Why I am posting this is because this the CD version, the new downloadable and vinyl versions differ I will get into that later. I got into this band by listening to their first album, it both blew my mind and made me laugh hard. The pitch shifted, tone deaf vocals, the silly trombone solos, the cheesy Casio keyboard tones, offensive lyrics, and fat guitar chords made me want to find out more. Which lead me to try to find this album.

Back Cover

Finding this was a pain in the ass, this was years ago when Fuckemos hadn’t put up their bandcamp page and there was no plans to release this. Every time I’d travel I’d go to the local used music shops to find this thing, couldn’t find it anywhere until I asked a guy at a record store in Portland if he had this anywhere. He had it in back, I was overjoyed and as soon as I got in my car I put it on. The music washed over me like stale beer and bad pot. “AMEN!!!” I yelled. Another needle found in the haystack.

The CD came in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard stock fold out cover pictures of which I posted, when unfolding it you have to be careful because the CD will pop out, it isn’t a CD R, its a actual, manufactured CD, the booklet is printing stock which I am also posting. The new vinyl and download versions don’t have the cool cover tunes on them probably due to copy right issues which is a damn shame because their fucking hilarious and well done.

The first song “Ed the Creep” is about  one of the founders of the band, Ed Rancourt, the first track is full sludge metal chords and “the down in the dumps pitch shifted” vocals their famous for. “Hurtin” features pop punk chord progressions and a silly trombone floating through it. “Lingerie Dreams” is a song built on a steady drum beat and piping synth set to creepy lyrics. “Tokyo” I know for a fact is cover, I’ve heard this one before somewhere, maybe I am wrong, but this song is straight ahead metal and so are the lyrics, pedal to the fucking metal, this is one track I put on repeat.

“Ready to Drop” is a stoned out, grooved out song about getting a chick pregnant (at least I think it is) those pitch shifted vocals. HA! HA! HA! They make the fucking song. The band takes on Abba’s “Dancin’ Queen” stoner metal style, they make the song pathetic and depressing as opposed to being upbeat and poppy. “Be Nice Don’t Be Mean” is a song about the band being mean to the venues that host them and the fans that show up to their shows, this one has me in stitches every time I hear it, the vocals, the keyboard and the trombone are the only instruments on this track. “Sometimes we make the sound guy mad, sometimes that makes us really sad.” It is a mournful tune that is done in a different style and faster on the self titled follow up, I like the version on this CD better.

“Pro Choice (Life is Murder)” would be a Weezer song if the lead singer had pitch shifted vocals and sang about wanting people dead. “Vietnambla” is thick chord metal stomp in your face about…the underage, if you haven’t figured that out yet by the title I can’t help you. “Mexico” is mournful and dusty dirge, thick and slow chords, slow drums pattering and a crying violin, I love this song and I can get deep into it, one of the reasons I love this band, these guys are geniuses.

“Speedo” is a scum metal screed about gay clubs that only let men in who wear speedos. The lyrics are offensive, juvenile and stupid… in other words good. “Print Your Own Damn Album Covers” is a song consisting of screaming, no vocals, grunting and a galloping, sludgy metal breakdown, I guess this is the way the lead singer felt when he went to Kinkos and asked if they would print the covers for him and they told him no, he’d have to do it himself. “Toby the Neuter” is song about a person born without sex organs that starts with  trombone, squealing guitar and synth then degenerates into metal punk sludge insanity. “Wet My Beddy Boo Boo” goes straight into hair metal guitar territory with the lyrics consisting of a tough guy talking about how bad ass he is and then…talking about wetting his bed. “Love is Like Oxygen” is a cover song from classic glam band Sweet, with a wailing synth behind slow dirgy chords, love this cover, too bad none of these are on the newer releases. “Pretty Flowers” has a strange wailing and thin guitar backing it which gives the song a hypnotic quality, that hypnosis is snapped by the weird lyrics and the tone deaf, modulated vocals. Hell yes. “Fuckemos Smoke Cigarettes” is a song made up of cut up, weird electronic sounds and pieces of the other songs stitched together, probably meant to be a song for the ravers of 1995…if retards held raves. “Lucifer” is a song consisting of not only the vocals but the guitars being fed through a manipulator that sounds as if bees are buzzing around your ears, the song is played slow, it is a creepy stoner metal song, the “creepy” that will make you laugh, like those kids who try to dress up creepy and edgy but end up looking goofy. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is a cover of the infamous song by deathrock giants, Bauhaus, played faster and with thicker chords, despite this they keep the creepy vibe going. We end with “Three Wine Colors” a live recording by the sound of it, a straight ahead punk song without pitch shifted vocals, my least favorite song. Over all, this is one you should search out, especially the Fuckemos fanatics out there. The vinyl and download releases don’t have the covers and leave out some tracks. I’ll leave links to them but be warned.

To listen to the whole 1995 CD go here:

A couple of copies of the 1995 CD from overseas on discogs:

Fuckemos bandcamp page with the album minus cover songs, except for “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”:

Get LP without cover and other tracks:

Audio white noise to batter your ears and scatter your brains. Go out, go forth, and get fucked by the Fuckemos.