White Noise Eardrum Buster: Have a “Techno Viking” Raid!

In my mind, when I see the two words “Techno” and “Viking” put together, it doesn’t seem right, “Techno” to me is wimpy and pathetic, “Viking” is strong, virile and mean. I was that kid in the 1990’s who hated techno as a genre for the most part, barring a few songs here and there, I was the kid that liked metal, noise rock, punk and noise genres as a whole and the only reason why I would go to raves was to pick up chicks on Ecstasy and score some mind altering substances, other than that I hated the techno hipsters with their brightly colored clothing and jewelry. Me and my friends would make fun of them, overall I thought it was pretentious music for pretentious people, which is the reason why I had some trepidation picking “Techno Viking”, even if it was on the ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) label, but my trepidation were put to rest, this was a whole tape of twisted Techno, the twisted part put the “Viking” in the music.

Techno Viking xeroxed tape art and track listing.

The tape came with xeroxed art with the title of the tape, “Techno Viking” on top and bottom, the ASKE records symbol on one side and the track listing on the other side. Again seeing the art I figured that the tape would be a cheap, recorded one, nope, it was a white pro tape limited to 40 copies,  I have copy 16.

Techno Viking white pro tape.

So here is my track by track break down of “Techno Viking”, the first track is “War” and it starts with a sample from the movie “Fight Club” with chanting in back and then bongos mixed into the track. The second track  “Discipline” has synthesized beat and effects and “Discipline” chanted over over, the beat gets faster and faster and the “Discipline” chant gets higher in pitch like chipmunks, the third track is “Pub Fight”, this track has a wailing synth line with a weird electronic beat over samples of people fighting in a club. The fourth track is “Life on the Streets” which features a sample of a journalist interviewing a drug lord played with an incessant beat over the interview. The fifth track is “Destroy Rework” which features a beat with a distorted synth over it. The sixth track “Debt Rework” has a distorted synth over a galloping bass line and beat, the sixth track is “Ogard Runir Remix” the track is pretty much pagan chanting over a repeated electric drum beat, distorted bass with a high, whiny synth line, and the seventh and last track which is my favorite is “Abyss” which is low, pitch shifted spoken word over synth lines and drones. Overall, this is techno I don’t mind too much, still not a big fan, not enough happens in the “techno” genre of music. “Techno Viking” techno done “ASKE” style is techno done right.

To get raided by the “Techno Viking” go here:

Sorry no more Viking booty anywhere.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Hear the “Lightning Undersun”, the house shaker.


Tape came in a bag with Undersun sticker on bag and color xeroxed art work page that wrapped tape.

Now I rarely hear folk music mixed with experimental industrial and darkwave. ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) records is known for putting out weird and out there lo fi music, everything from black metal to twisted techno, some of those genres mixed together. “Lightning Undersun” is one such project, this is one tape whose sound is hard to pin down and that is the way I like it, Discogs gives really thin information on “Lightning Undersun” I did get this off of Analog Worship, there was a limited edition of 30 I got tape 3, I know this is a small label but I really am not into the whole small amount of “limited edition” batches that only certain people can get, especially if your stuff isn’t up on a streaming service or bandcamp. I know ASKE pulled down their whole discography on bandcamp and are doing physical release only, that means only 30 people are going to hear “Lightning Undersun” which doesn’t make any sense to me at all, there is a bit of snobbery and elitism when a release is only limited to X amount of copies. I know most of these types of labels hate the mainstream and trends but who is gonna listen to your label or band if you keep it off of everything? Your label and band can remain special by just sticking to your principles and sound, strictly limiting yourself as a label makes no sense.

White pro tape with number of tape in the series in black marker.

The “Lightning Undersun” tape, besides the bag having xeroxed art work folded over the tape, has a slip of paper with the track listings on them.

Track listing sheet.

So for a track by track break down, so track one is called “The Son”, kind of a play on words, this track is a weird mix of darkwave and folk with low echoing vocals that switch to clean higher pitched vocals, with wailing flute,a programmed drum machine beat in back, and a acoustic guitar strumming along, so far this track sounds a lot like “Death in June”. Track two is called “Blood God”, this track is a fast paced affair with hardcore screeching vocals that go into clean singing, then into what can only be described as industrial noise racket and then a strummed acoustic guitar and field recordings of rain and thunder, a sample from some old movie is played and then harmonious singing. Track three is called “War in the Sky” it starts with a steady drum machine beat, static noise like you’d hear in the “Harsh Wall of Noise” genre and a ghostly synth with light background talking and near the end of the track various strumming acoustic guitars colliding with keyboards. The last track “The Wheel Turns” starts with bongos and a electric sitar playing fast, dogs barking, people grunting and the deep, echoing darkwave vocals return to round out the track. These tracks repeat on side B.

The color xeroxed art that folds around tape.

So to get struck right away, go here, because there is no other way to be struck because this tape is for sale nowhere:




Visual White Noise Theater: One “Mad God” (2021)

Right when I saw the trailer for this it hit me right in my sweet spot, I was literally salivating with desire and pleasure. A whole movie of twisted stop motion, oh to the fucking yeah,  but when I saw the trailer I was wondering if it had already come out and searched around and realized, nope, it hadn’t and I’d probably have to wait a long fucking time before I’d see this or maybe not see it at all. SIGH. As we speak it is making its way through the festival circuit and then Nightstream came to the rescue. Luckily they are featuring some movies for streaming from festivals. I jumped all over “Mad God”. One hour and twenty minutes of awesomeness, a dark hellish world with stabs of heaven like brilliance.

Directed by Phil Tippett who did the effects for “Alien”, “Robocop 2”,  and “Jurassic Park” among a bunch of other movies, he started making this in 1988 while he was working on “Robocop 2”, after doing “Jurassic Park” he thought the art of stop motion was dead so he then shelved “Mad God” until the year 2000 when he really started working on the movie and just finished the movie not long ago. He worked on this project in between his other higher paying gigs, using volunteers and getting money through kickstarter. To sum things up, pretty much an assassin is sent by a pope like figure to “kill God”, as he descends in a weird ship into this post apocalyptic, hellish world that this god inhabits, he is shot at by cannons, and he lands in an area full of statues of different gods and faiths, not to mention brand name mascots of products.

Alot of what happens “Mad God” is metaphors. Some critics have described this as a movie length Tool music video but its more than that, I don’t want to give away too much. The world looks slimy, one crazy image after another gets thrown out at you  before you can fully recover from the last shock, in fact that is its major drawback, its almost sensory overload. Even taking that into consideration you’ll fall under its Bosch like nightmarish spell. This movie proves that art can be both beautiful and ugly at the same time.

In “Mad God” there is some live action actors filmed in stop motion style, like director Alex Cox and Niketa Roman, after “Mad God” ended my eyes were bulging out of my skull and my jaw was on the floor collecting flies. When and if this hits Blu Ray I am snapping it up. Full length stop motion movies are few and far between these days, getting this one from a special effects master is very rare treat, this is one I can’t wait to see again.

So where do you watch this? Well you can’t yet, unless you streamed it during its festival run.

Here is Phil’s web site where you can get the trailer and other info on the movie:

Pretty cool vid on Phil designing his stop motion figures:

Interview with Phil on “Mad God”:

Post Script: This is now on Shudder not on blu ray yet (cross my fingers) but you have to have a subscription, you know what to do *wink*wink*:


Visual White Noise Theater: Welcome to “The Beast Pageant” 2010

Watching ” The Beast Pageant” I was confused, not because of the crazy imagery or semi non-linear story line, I was confused because this is that type of “tightrope walk” movie, on one side of the thin rope is pretentious, up its ass horse shit and on the other side is spell binding brilliance, this movie didn’t fall onto either side and made it across alright. “The Beast Pageant” was directed by Albert Birney and John Moses and its a fucking trip to be sure.

There is two parts to this film, and I know what “The Beast Pageant” is going for in the first part, Abraham, played by co director/writer John Moses, lives in a German Expressionist style apartment with various machines hooked throughout his apartment, one calls him and sings to him when he picks up the phone and one is a TV apparatus that has a bearded man in it that shows Abraham weird commercials and asks him to talk through the speaker horn if he wants the item advertised in the commercial, Abraham goes to a dead end job in a factory where he pushes slots that spit out synthetic fish. The whole first part smacks heavily of “Eraserhead”, the whole movie is filmed in black and white and has a dream like logic to it. The visuals in this movie are stunning, weird and unusual. The whole “Eraserhead” thing also comes from the dirty, industrial background. Abraham starts to grow a tentacle out of his rib and goes to a doctor to have it removed, the removal isn’t successful. The first part of the film is so blatant in its message, normally when somebody tries to hit me directly on the head with something it pisses me off and turns me off but the hammering is done in an intelligent way, the first part seems to be lampooning consumerism and a 9 to 5 existence. Not to mention how machines will try to give comfort and love but its artificial and plastic.

The second half, Abraham tears out of his house into the countryside, a stark contrast, the tentacle becomes a miniature singing cowboy copy of him complete with acoustic guitar. Among the things he encounters are a small house with a nude couple in it, bush people, water people, dirt people, animal people, a motel in the middle of the forest with a couple that needs a baby sitter and the list goes on and on. The second half seems to say that nature is better than an urban setting and the second half has musical numbers of the indie folk pop type. More weird stuff happens and again I don’t want to spoil too much you’ll have to go watch it yourself.

The movie got its money in part from a Kickstarter campaign and took three years to make. Sure some of this movie made me roll my eyes, some of it is art house pretentious but overall I liked its crazy energy and wasn’t bored. So I say join the “The Beast Pageant”. Albert Birney’s new movie, “Strawberry Mansion”, screened at Fantasia Film Festival, its about a “dream auditor” who gets caught in an old lady’s dream world, hope its as interesting as “The Beast Pageant”.

Become a “Beast” here:


Visual White Noise Theater: Stop Playing Your “Mind Game” (2004)

I haven’t dropped acid or done mushrooms in years and I thought I was having a flashback, maybe I was falling asleep watching this movie and getting those flashes of dreams you get when you wake up quick and fall asleep repeatedly until you just give up and lie down. “Mind Game” from Japan (where else) will play mind games with you, it will toy with you, your emotions and mental state, it will always win.


This isn’t your traditional Japanese animated movie, which is what I liked about this one. Seriously, I kind of get burned out on the “big eyed anime” style that prevails in almost every Japanese animated movie. This one takes a wink and nod to “Belladonna of Sadness” (which I will review in the future) where various forms of animation are mixed together in an eye stabbing, mysterious brilliance.

Nishi, aspiring Manga artist encounters an old flame on the subway, Myon who is running from a yakuza member/football player Atsu. Nishi finds out she is getting married and is still in love with Myon but is too much of chicken to actually say it, he says it in his imagination but not out loud. Over all, you get the feeling Nishi lives most of his triumphs in his own head, he is dreamer but it doesn’t help him in the real world. However, they go to Myon’s father’s Sushi restaurant, her sister Yan is at the bar making sushi and serving beer while their dad drunkenly talks about his sexual conquests, Nishi gets pissed off and goes off on him talking about this in front of his own daughters, in this scene you can’t tell if this is in Nishi’s head or if he is actually telling the father off, Myon’s soon to be husband Ryo shows up and its awkward. Two yakuzas walk in, one is Atsu who I just mentioned was chasing Myon. The yakuza are looking for Myon’s father who is hiding because he screwed Atsu’s girlfriend. They start threatening everybody, Ryo tries to punch out Atsu and Atsu fells him, he goes to rape Myon and Myon shouts for Nishi who is curled up in a ball in fear. Atsu disgusted by his behavior shoots him through his asshole. Nishi dies and ascends into some strange afterlife where God mocks him for being a loser, Nishi pissed off and wants another chance so instead of running to the gate way of the afterlife he runs towards the life tunnel and God chases him, he gets back in his body and kicks ass.

Or are we sure he actually gets back in his body kicks ass? What happens next is insane, Nishi, mad at wasting his life with Myon and Yan in tow, leads the Yakuza on an insane car chase where they are swallowed by a whale. Inside the whale they come across a ship and an old hermit who is an ex Yakuza, he turned his ship into a toy, food, comfort laden pleasure palace. From there it gets even more crazier, on the surface you may see non sense but beneath it, if you really drink it in it has got a lot of layers religious, philosophical and spiritual. The movie uses different types of animation to express different emotions and thoughts. Weebs who want “traditional” anime aren’t gonna happy and there isn’t probably enough stupid action for their “Bleach/Sailor Moon” ridden brains. This movie will have you questioning everything. Is this all in Nishi’s head? Is he in the after life? Did he really come back to life and start to kick ass? Can you really survive being swallowed by a whale? On that last note there is a lot of religious iconography in this movie, both Western and Eastern. To all of you people who don’t want to think about your movies this one isn’t for you.

The music is pretty strange to and goes with the mood, some are Broadway type musical numbers and some are Bossa Nova numbers. Overall this movie has a dream like logic but when you fit the pieces together like a puzzle most of it will fall right into place. This piece of visual art noise is a must have for people who want something different in their Japanese animation.

So where do you want to play the “Mind Game”? Well this isn’t going up on my bitchute channel, while I upload stuff over there because copy right is pretty much non existent I don’t want to push it too far by putting this up there and also these film makers are still in existence and need your support, so just get your favorite search engine and put in “Mind Game” and “Streaming”, Amazon, Youtube, Apple etc. have it pretty cheap or you can always visit that Pirate in the Bay you super cheap, cheatin’ bastid.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: “Calling All Covens” come on down for the seance party in the tea room!!!

“Sure to become a solid favorite at after-seance parties and packing the dance floors at spiritualist conventions, this compilation of rank electrified filth brings together a body of work deeply rooted in the murkiest strains of underground noise music”. Couldn’t have said it better, this on the A5 booklet insert on the back, this is creepy seance music that is meant to be played by candle light.

Front cover of A5 booklet for tape.
Page 2 with track listing.


This thing was put together by dark ambient group Goat Majesty, the front and back cover were done by Vladimir Vacovsky. What you got here is a who’s who of the blackened noise, dark ambient and drone scene. First off you got ZN with “Ingratitud Y Colera”, a tune with screeching feedback that sounds like a woman is screaming and deep drones that puts you on edge.

Page for ZN track.

Next up is Goat Majesty with their track “Cult Leaders” which comes roaring in like a demon possessed beast, with deep bubbling drones and muffled vocals, this is something that Abruptum in their experimental heyday would’ve done, feedback screech swirls in and out of the song and builds into a cacophony of blinding black noise and synths wailing. A very experimental black metal vibe on this one.  No drugs required for this one kids.

Goat Majesty’s page for their track.

Windy dark ambience haunts Haare’s track “Inside the Black Mirror”, a lighter track, ghostly sounding with a few squeals of feed back here and there, this is like being stranded in a grey wasteland with stagnant pools. There is a kind of weird beauty to it.

Haare’s page for their track.

Fordell Research Unit’s track “Ilm (For Daniel Rutter and Sandy Milroy, Giallo buddies)” starts with light and haunting synths that wail in back of heavy drones, this track combines heavy weight lead and feather light sound, a combo that works in a strange way. A track that could be in a 1980’s dark fantasy film.

Page for Fordell Research Unit’s track. “Kolchak the Night Stalker”.

Vampyre’s track “02 SoV” starts out with squealing feedback then gives way to pulsing and swirling sound. Synths are bent, broken and tortured, the sounds of a violin being ripped apart. This is a rough track like a vampire’s bite and the track will suck you dry. Its dark ambient clouds laced with lightning bolts and a calm pulse.

Page to Vampyre’s track.


Black Mountain Transmitter starts their transmission, “Saturn in Retrograde”, with a rough and rolling crash of cymbals, roaring feed back and pulsing drones, all this mixes into a slow, plodding sludge of sound. Kids don’t try this at home. Wailing, bubbling and cascading sound brings to mind cyclopean dark and gray landscapes on some strange Lovecraftian planet.

Black Mountain Transmitters page for their track.

Husere Grav’s “Abandoned Instinct” starts off with a smooth, billowing sound that pulses in and out like a dying light bulb and increases in intensity and sound and then mellowing out on a strange. dark, drone loop. Hypnotic stuff.

Page for Husere Grav’s track.

Aderlating’s track “Eerste Pijniging” starts off with a low throb and crackling sound with echoes. Its as if one is trapped in a dank, haunted dungeon. Soft drones are the order of the day and creaking, howling sounds, make this track very creepy.

Page for Aderlating’s track.

The tape looked like it was professionally done unlike a majority of these limited run noise tapes that look like their recorded onto cheap blank tapes one gets in packs at Walmart here in America and Tesco in Europe. The A5 booklet and tape came in a plastic baggy.

So the question is should you get “Calling All Covens”? If you are a literal noise addict, want something different, if want music you can sacrifice somebody or something to (that was a joke), background for that dark video game you kids play, sound for the background of a role playing table top game etc. Than “Calling All Covens” will be right up your alley.

Back page of A5 booklet.

So if you want to get physical there a few copies left on discogs, (limited to 50 hand numbered copies) good luck:

If you want it in the background or want to see if you want to join the physical cult but want to start spiritual go here:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Take an “Occulted Death Stance” to an “Eternal Return” in a “Rotting Forest” (2020)

“Rotting Forest Edition” is an apt title for this tape. It seems at any moment that the music itself is gonna fall apart like a rotting tree, while you have tremolo picking throughout there is strange bells and noises in the background, mixed in with odd time signatures and shouted, pitch shifted vocals, not your normal black metal shrieks, in fact, the vocals more resemble a blackened crust punk band than a black metal one. “Occulted Death Stance” is one of those bands that is for lack of a better term “odd” they do black metal their way and I would have it no other way.

I got this tape off of “Analogue Worship” and ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) records released it in limited copies of course. My tape came in a bag with briar thorns. It was tricky trying to get the tape out without getting pricked and to some people, listening to this white noise would be like getting pricked with thorns audio wise, trying to listen to this whirling cacophony of musical destruction without having your ear drums pricked.

Back of bag and tape.
Tape shell with sticker.
The tape which is a regular recordable tape.
The insert with artwork and lyrics sheet.
Back of tape insert.

The tape you get is the recordable type which is typical with most of these releases. These things are literally made by hand, this is the raw deal, my friends. Lo Fi experimental black metal that bludgeons for some nineteen minutes plus and makes no arrogant bones about itself. Occulted Death Stance’s albums vary in sound, this one is more straight forward black metal, well, as “straight forward” as a band like them can get, its still bizarre but some of their other releases are more off the wall and I will post some of those in the future. So if you want something different this tape will be up your weird and twisted alley.

So to go down that twisted alley, if you want to feel the bricks along that alleyway get that tape here:

If you don’t want to touch the slimy bricks and feel your way down that crooked alley you can listen to the full tape here:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Following the “Marching Church” not in the day but “At Night”.

 The cold reaches tendrils into your brain freezing all thought processes chilling you to the bone. You will feel like your trapped in a cavern made of ice and it feels like the chill will spread to your heart. The cold goes by the name “Marching Church” and the seven inch is called “At Night”.

The brain child of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt formerly of the synth pop act “Vår“, Marching Church is his solo act. With this solo act he goes in a more black metal/punk/post punk/experimental area, its lo fi, scratchy, echoey and primitive. Its like five dirty, jagged pieces of ice that cut you to the bone. Its short and to the point, and what a point it is. 

I always misread the back as saying “Recorded in my room Willemoesgade Kobenhavn September-Oktober 2010 At Night” Probably because as you can read from the back of the seven inch it has the album title alongside the recording details. By listening to the music I automatically assumed that he recorded this whole thing on a dark, wintry Denmark night. I am going to go with that assumption because this music could only be recorded on a dark, wintry night. Some audophiles will be pissed at the lo fi recording, I think it adds to the over all atmosphere. Its primitive black metal and blackened punk with wailing, mournful deathrock, post punk vocals. Down and dirty.

This version was released by Morte Creations. Posh Isolation, who mainly specializes in synthwave and/or noise, put out the tape version. Posh Isolation released their next album “Throughout the Borders” a experimental/post punk venture, also Marching Church was featured in the Posh Isolation black metal punk compilation, “Gra Fraktion”, the three songs on that comp that Marching Chruch have are mourning, dirge filled pieces of primitive black metal punk, I may post about the “Gra Fraktion” comp sometime down the road. However, in my opinion, after “Throughout the Borders”, Marching Church went in a direction I couldn’t follow, cleaned up “indie” soul which I found lame. I wish that Marching Church would’ve continued in their post punk, experimental vein but that is just me. At least we got “At Night” as a monument to what Marching Church could’ve been.

To listen to the seven inch go to:

Copies available at discogs:

Also copies are available from my buddies at Analog Worship:

So here we go “Marching to Church At Night”.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Having “Fun in Latex” on a “Sissy Sunday”.

The jig is up, pervert. Your going to jail you freak, peeping Tom piece of shit, masturbating into your vinyl freak outfit sneaking around a girl’s slumber party where their pissing and shitting in adult diapers, and listening to bad pop music. God damn freak, your gonna get beat up and put on a sex offenders registry. Listening to Fun in Latex’s “Sissy Sunday” tape will leave you feeling like this. I review noise audio and visual and this is literally a noise tape, well, a field recording of a girl’s slumber party where at one point a girl gets off on pissing in adult diapers. In parts of the tape the voices are modulated and there is crinkling of rubber sheets and vinyl. If your the type of weirdo turned on by this, this tape is for you.

I got this tape in a collection my buddy sent me, he was getting rid of a bunch of noise tapes and sent these to me. This one stood out because it was so different looking from the other cassettes in the stuff he sent me. The cassette shell insert had the picture of a pink colored girl’s room, the cassette itself was a clear recorded one with the band’s name and album title in white fingernail polish etched on the tape, at first I thought this was some dream pop or “indie” mainstream nonsense. I was wrong, this made me feel gross and this made me feel creepy, it felt wrong listening to this, like a guy snuck a camera or bug into a sleep over, a sleep over that featured girls in crinkly, pink vinyl suits and soiled diapers.

There is another insert in the tape, a unsettling picture of a child’s bed, and again in white finger nail polish, “Fun in Latex Sissy Sunday recorded live 2014” now of course I am being facetious in the proceeding comment, I am pretty sure the dude from Fun in Latex knows some pretty freaky fetish people and got them in on his action. Or maybe he is a pervert who taped a slumber party. Looking at the cover and the insert you get the feeling that this type of material leans dangerously into “Lolita territory”. The thing looks very homemade, like the cover and insert were made off a printer along with the white finger nail polish.

Looking at discogs Fun in Latex has other releases and in that box my buddy gave me was another Fun in Latex release “Ja Wohl” with a unsettling cover which I might upload in the future. It says the artist’s names are Joseph Gates and Venessa Gates, a husband and wife team if I am correct who probably like to dress each other up in diapers and pink vinyl with pacifiers. The Analog Worship web site describes this tape as “Absolute warmth and sissy reverie, crinkling textures, and cuddly comforts await the listener brave enough to venture into the veritable Princess’s bedroom closet of delights contained within the confines of this cassette tape.” So you get the drift. I like weird, this is weird but its also creepy. Don’t know how I feel about it, there you have Fun in Latex “Sissy Sunday”.

So you want to be dressed up in a frilly pink dress, get abused and be made to piss yourself? Well than come on down, sissy, and give this a preview listen at:

No copies of the tape available on discogs but these are on a limited number from Analog Worship, via Vulnavia recordings snap one up if you like this kind of thing:


Visual White Noise Theater: Take the unholy Sacrament…”Religion Sauvage” (2004)

Did your blotter acid go bad? Does your stomach not like shrooms? Are you still pissed at your parents for making you go to church instead of playing video games on Sunday? Are you fucking sick of these questions? I am and here is the white noise remedy.

“Hopital Brut” only kicked you in the head, “Religion Sauvage” breaks your nose and kicks you in the nuts so hard they go up into your throat. The French art collective, Le Dernier Cri, put together another collection of animated shorts based on another one of their comics “Religion Sauvage”, which is critical of religious belief, that not only includes Jesus, Satan, Allah, Krishna etc. It also includes being critical of people who worship sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, like Gods.

Featuring underground artists from around the world doing animated shorts like on “Hopital Brut” people like Mike Diana, Stu Mead, Tochka, Melted Men, Valium etc. this smorgasbord of degeneracy will make your head spin and your mouth water. Most of these artists don’t ever do animation, they do paintings, comics, and drawings. This collection rapes you, cuts off your head and has sex with it and it isn’t pleasant.

This is “Liquid Television” for adults, and “Liquid Television” was made for adults!!! There is piss, shit, sex, useless violence, dumb racism, sacrilege, Lolita complexes etc. This will piss off every person of every stripe. This white noise doesn’t give one fuck about your sensibilities or feels. “Religion Sauvage” cuts your feels into tiny, bloody pieces, devours them and shits them out. The gif above was taken from the Stu Mead segment, Stu normally paints and draws and this is one of his paintings put into animation, the dude has been crippled from the day he was born and has a Lolita Complex, his short is like something from a 1920’s stop motion film made by the people who manufacture nightmares.

Like “Hopital Brut”, “Sauvage” will make your heart race and make you confused, beware, this visual noise can be disorienting, and I am telling you drug heads out there right now, DO NOT DO ANYTHING WATCHING THIS. Seriously, I don’t do substances like that anymore (only caffeine) and I can tell you watching this on anything will be really unpleasant.

Some shorts will make you laugh, some will make you angry, some will make you want to scour your eyes out with a Brillo pad, some will make you cry and some will make you break the device your watching “Religion Sauvage” on. These are all good things when any piece of art will make you feel that way. Do I agree with the message? I don’t talk politics or religion on my blog unless its part of the content of the piece of noise I am reviewing. So yeah none of your damn business, I could be a frothing at the mouth atheist who thinks all the digs at religion are great or I could be a closet Jesus Freak who bristles at the content but loves the art. But I am not telling you which one I am.

With this collection you get every variety of animation: Stop motion, regular cell animation, claymation etc. as well as live action segments, all meant to provoke. This thing spits in your face and wants you to punch back hard, it provokes but it also makes things interesting. Two hours is the run time of this thing and I wasn’t bored for one second, my jaw was on the floor for almost all of its running time. Again, like “Hopital Brut” which I reviewed prior (review of “Hopital Brut” and link to watch it here, it sometimes gets into “pretentious up its ass” art snob territory but than it pulls itself back from precipice of art student assholery.

The nightmare logic of this collection drifts in and out of beauty, ugliness, hilarity, brutality and the unbelievable. This is one of these collections that if I drifted off to sleep during watching it and woke up I’d wondered if I’d actually dreamed or actually saw it on this compilation. Is that a plus for this visual noise? Maybe, depends on you as a person. I found this on a external hard drive my buddy gave me of weird short films, holy shit, isn’t the right word.

So should you dive headlong into this visual noise? Will you drown in it? Will you drink it up and have your tastes satisfied? Or will you spit it out in disgust? This thing isn’t for the squeamish, watch at your own risk.

To watch this go to:

There is physical copies with artwork and I urge you to actually support this art collective Le Dernier Cri and buy a copy, I am and they actually have one more hour of footage on the DVD version:,4.html

My review on “Hopital Brut” and where to watch it: