White Noise Eardrum Buster: Take an “Occulted Death Stance” to an “Eternal Return” in a “Rotting Forest” (2020)

“Rotting Forest Edition” is an apt title for this tape. It seems at any moment that the music itself is gonna fall apart like a rotting tree, while you have tremolo picking throughout there is strange bells and noises in the background, mixed in with odd time signatures and shouted, pitch shifted vocals, not your normal black metal shrieks, in fact, the vocals more resemble a blackened crust punk band than a black metal one. “Occulted Death Stance” is one of those bands that is for lack of a better term “odd” they do black metal their way and I would have it no other way.

I got this tape off of “Analogue Worship” and ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) records released it in limited copies of course. My tape came in a bag with briar thorns. It was tricky trying to get the tape out without getting pricked and to some people, listening to this white noise would be like getting pricked with thorns audio wise, trying to listen to this whirling cacophony of musical destruction without having your ear drums pricked.

Back of bag and tape.
Tape shell with sticker.
The tape which is a regular recordable tape.
The insert with artwork and lyrics sheet.
Back of tape insert.

The tape you get is the recordable type which is typical with most of these releases. These things are literally made by hand, this is the raw deal, my friends. Lo Fi experimental black metal that bludgeons for some nineteen minutes plus and makes no arrogant bones about itself. Occulted Death Stance’s albums vary in sound, this one is more straight forward black metal, well, as “straight forward” as a band like them can get, its still bizarre but some of their other releases are more off the wall and I will post some of those in the future. So if you want something different this tape will be up your weird and twisted alley.

So to go down that twisted alley, if you want to feel the bricks along that alleyway get that tape here:

If you don’t want to touch the slimy bricks and feel your way down that crooked alley you can listen to the full tape here:

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