White Noise Eardrum Buster: Look at the camera, and “Mona Lisa Smile”!

Mona Lisa Smile tape came wrapped in black plastic bag with black electric tape.

When this tape came I was concerned, the fact that it was wrapped in what looked like a garbage bag with electrical tape made me think the music inside might be garbage. I normally buy tapes if their recommended to me or if the details of what is on the tape interests me, its pretty much a (half) blind buy. I was careful to cut this thing open hoping not to scratch it. After getting the bag and electrical tape off I encountered two A5 sheets with xeroxed art stapled around the tape.

One of the stapled pages of xeroxed art for the Mona Lisa Smile tape.
The other stapled sheet of xeroxed art for the Mona Lisa Smile tape.

After getting the sheets off the “Mona Lisa Smile” tape I was surprised to actually see a white pro tape and not a cheap recorded one.

Mona Lisa Smile white pro tape.

I can’t find any info on it, got the “Mona Lisa Smile” tape off of Analog Worship, and I forget if there was a limited amount of copies, again this was released by ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) Records. Here is a side by side break down because there really is no single tracks, side A of “Mona Lisa Smile” is just crackling, rhythmic and pulsating drones, almost like what a sonogram sounds like except more deeper sounding, something you can put on in the background that isn’t too distracting if your trying to study, read, or do any work that doesn’t demand distraction, it is even something you can meditate to. Side B of “Mona Lisa Smile” is a little different, it starts with what sounds like church bells, then there is what sounds like a acoustic guitar and organ all washed over with rippling water sounds, near the end of the tape the organ and guitar give way to only the rippling sounds and rhythmic thumping. Side B could be used for background music but it is a little more noisy and complicated. Overall “Mona Lisa Smile” is a tape I will throw on while writing this blog, working on my projects or reading a book. The tape keeps it interesting and it covers my favorite sub genres in the noise genre, dark ambient and drone. You really won’t find “Mona Lisa Smile” anywhere, its not on analog worship or on discogs at all.

So if you want to “Smile” Mona Lisa style you can go here, I gotcha:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Get ridden hard by “Black Demons” and be driven to “Black Rock n’ Roll Madness”.

I hate when bands have a lot of promise and only release one album or EP. “Black Demons” is one of those bands, I make no secret of the fact I like bands that rip off Venom and Motorhead, that dirty, blackened speed metal, proto thrash, hardcore d beat punk sound gets me right in the junk every time I hear it. There is some bands that just can’t pull it off or try too hard. “Black Demons” isn’t one of those bands, they flawlessly mix Motorhead with Venom, a sound they call “Black Rock n’ Roll”. That being said these guys, who are from Malaysia, only released a split and this EP tape. Damn shame, a lot of promise. 

Though the lyrics from most of these bands get monotonous and eye rolling predictable “Satan this”, “Hell this”, “Demon that” etc. Its not the lyrics I am really after, it is the sound and there is bands who play that dirty, blackened speed metal/punk hybrid with lyrics that don’t pertain to old scratch. So with this tape you get that sound, the lyrics are cartoon devil Venom.

The first song “Rock n’ Roll Madness” lays the echoes on the vocals and it is a rollicking, d beat bonanza, more Motorhead than Venom. A song to drink your favorite dark brew to. The second song “Satanic Rites” starts with “I am gonna piss off my mom by singing about Satan” lyrics. This dives more into the head bangin’, Venom side of the scum infested pool. Simple, blunt and to the sharpened point like a metal punk song should be.  The third track, “Demonic Sacrifice” starts with a plodding mid tempo that will chew into your brain and rot out your eyes, its like trudging through the sludge that results from millions of corpses having their flesh rotting from their bones melting on to the floor. Than it goes at break neck down the Autobahn about to collide with a truck of dynamite, then its back to trudging through flesh sludge. This track keeps it interesting by changing up tempo to down tempo. While there is echo effect on the vocals there is none on the instruments that still sound primitive as fuck. Next up is “Bloody Blasphemous Mantra” a song that takes no prisoners and goes for broke, drums, bass, guitar and vocals going all over the place.

The next track is what else? “Hard Ride with Satan” with chanting vocals over punk bass and rhythm, this is the sound of riding hard with Satan, wait, that does sound a little gay. Like “Satan-Saddam- South Park” gay, I don’t know guys, maybe change the title of the song? I laugh when hear this song because I have a juvenile sense of humor. Their last track is a cover of the band their trying to rip off, Venom, with “Black Metal” they don’t deviate too much from the original, the vocals are different because there is rarely anybody that can match Crono’s “gargle with acid and razor blade” vocals. So overall is this tape worth it? Well if your a fan of Venom and Motorhead like me it is fucking vital you give this a listen or snap up a copy of the tape if you can ever find one.

The tape is professionally done and it looks like they took the trouble of actual putting a label on the recordable tape unlike a lot of other artists. It comes in a clam shell with folding lyrics sleeve and cover. So if you want more Venom here you go.

To get “Black Rock n’ Roll-ed” go to:

Sorry physical copy addicts, no copies in sight best bet is to get “Black Rock n’ Roll-ed” above.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: “Calling All Covens” come on down for the seance party in the tea room!!!

“Sure to become a solid favorite at after-seance parties and packing the dance floors at spiritualist conventions, this compilation of rank electrified filth brings together a body of work deeply rooted in the murkiest strains of underground noise music”. Couldn’t have said it better, this on the A5 booklet insert on the back, this is creepy seance music that is meant to be played by candle light.

Front cover of A5 booklet for tape.
Page 2 with track listing.


This thing was put together by dark ambient group Goat Majesty, the front and back cover were done by Vladimir Vacovsky. What you got here is a who’s who of the blackened noise, dark ambient and drone scene. First off you got ZN with “Ingratitud Y Colera”, a tune with screeching feedback that sounds like a woman is screaming and deep drones that puts you on edge.

Page for ZN track.

Next up is Goat Majesty with their track “Cult Leaders” which comes roaring in like a demon possessed beast, with deep bubbling drones and muffled vocals, this is something that Abruptum in their experimental heyday would’ve done, feedback screech swirls in and out of the song and builds into a cacophony of blinding black noise and synths wailing. A very experimental black metal vibe on this one.  No drugs required for this one kids.

Goat Majesty’s page for their track.

Windy dark ambience haunts Haare’s track “Inside the Black Mirror”, a lighter track, ghostly sounding with a few squeals of feed back here and there, this is like being stranded in a grey wasteland with stagnant pools. There is a kind of weird beauty to it.

Haare’s page for their track.

Fordell Research Unit’s track “Ilm (For Daniel Rutter and Sandy Milroy, Giallo buddies)” starts with light and haunting synths that wail in back of heavy drones, this track combines heavy weight lead and feather light sound, a combo that works in a strange way. A track that could be in a 1980’s dark fantasy film.

Page for Fordell Research Unit’s track. “Kolchak the Night Stalker”.

Vampyre’s track “02 SoV” starts out with squealing feedback then gives way to pulsing and swirling sound. Synths are bent, broken and tortured, the sounds of a violin being ripped apart. This is a rough track like a vampire’s bite and the track will suck you dry. Its dark ambient clouds laced with lightning bolts and a calm pulse.

Page to Vampyre’s track.


Black Mountain Transmitter starts their transmission, “Saturn in Retrograde”, with a rough and rolling crash of cymbals, roaring feed back and pulsing drones, all this mixes into a slow, plodding sludge of sound. Kids don’t try this at home. Wailing, bubbling and cascading sound brings to mind cyclopean dark and gray landscapes on some strange Lovecraftian planet.

Black Mountain Transmitters page for their track.

Husere Grav’s “Abandoned Instinct” starts off with a smooth, billowing sound that pulses in and out like a dying light bulb and increases in intensity and sound and then mellowing out on a strange. dark, drone loop. Hypnotic stuff.

Page for Husere Grav’s track.

Aderlating’s track “Eerste Pijniging” starts off with a low throb and crackling sound with echoes. Its as if one is trapped in a dank, haunted dungeon. Soft drones are the order of the day and creaking, howling sounds, make this track very creepy.

Page for Aderlating’s track.

The tape looked like it was professionally done unlike a majority of these limited run noise tapes that look like their recorded onto cheap blank tapes one gets in packs at Walmart here in America and Tesco in Europe. The A5 booklet and tape came in a plastic baggy.

So the question is should you get “Calling All Covens”? If you are a literal noise addict, want something different, if want music you can sacrifice somebody or something to (that was a joke), background for that dark video game you kids play, sound for the background of a role playing table top game etc. Than “Calling All Covens” will be right up your alley.

Back page of A5 booklet.

So if you want to get physical there a few copies left on discogs, (limited to 50 hand numbered copies) good luck:

If you want it in the background or want to see if you want to join the physical cult but want to start spiritual go here:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Take an “Occulted Death Stance” to an “Eternal Return” in a “Rotting Forest” (2020)

“Rotting Forest Edition” is an apt title for this tape. It seems at any moment that the music itself is gonna fall apart like a rotting tree, while you have tremolo picking throughout there is strange bells and noises in the background, mixed in with odd time signatures and shouted, pitch shifted vocals, not your normal black metal shrieks, in fact, the vocals more resemble a blackened crust punk band than a black metal one. “Occulted Death Stance” is one of those bands that is for lack of a better term “odd” they do black metal their way and I would have it no other way.

I got this tape off of “Analogue Worship” and ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) records released it in limited copies of course. My tape came in a bag with briar thorns. It was tricky trying to get the tape out without getting pricked and to some people, listening to this white noise would be like getting pricked with thorns audio wise, trying to listen to this whirling cacophony of musical destruction without having your ear drums pricked.

Back of bag and tape.
Tape shell with sticker.
The tape which is a regular recordable tape.
The insert with artwork and lyrics sheet.
Back of tape insert.

The tape you get is the recordable type which is typical with most of these releases. These things are literally made by hand, this is the raw deal, my friends. Lo Fi experimental black metal that bludgeons for some nineteen minutes plus and makes no arrogant bones about itself. Occulted Death Stance’s albums vary in sound, this one is more straight forward black metal, well, as “straight forward” as a band like them can get, its still bizarre but some of their other releases are more off the wall and I will post some of those in the future. So if you want something different this tape will be up your weird and twisted alley.

So to go down that twisted alley, if you want to feel the bricks along that alleyway get that tape here:

If you don’t want to touch the slimy bricks and feel your way down that crooked alley you can listen to the full tape here: