White Noise Eardrum Buster: Have a “Techno Viking” Raid!

In my mind, when I see the two words “Techno” and “Viking” put together, it doesn’t seem right, “Techno” to me is wimpy and pathetic, “Viking” is strong, virile and mean. I was that kid in the 1990’s who hated techno as a genre for the most part, barring a few songs here and there, I was the kid that liked metal, noise rock, punk and noise genres as a whole and the only reason why I would go to raves was to pick up chicks on Ecstasy and score some mind altering substances, other than that I hated the techno hipsters with their brightly colored clothing and jewelry. Me and my friends would make fun of them, overall I thought it was pretentious music for pretentious people, which is the reason why I had some trepidation picking “Techno Viking”, even if it was on the ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) label, but my trepidation were put to rest, this was a whole tape of twisted Techno, the twisted part put the “Viking” in the music.

Techno Viking xeroxed tape art and track listing.

The tape came with xeroxed art with the title of the tape, “Techno Viking” on top and bottom, the ASKE records symbol on one side and the track listing on the other side. Again seeing the art I figured that the tape would be a cheap, recorded one, nope, it was a white pro tape limited to 40 copies,  I have copy 16.

Techno Viking white pro tape.

So here is my track by track break down of “Techno Viking”, the first track is “War” and it starts with a sample from the movie “Fight Club” with chanting in back and then bongos mixed into the track. The second track  “Discipline” has synthesized beat and effects and “Discipline” chanted over over, the beat gets faster and faster and the “Discipline” chant gets higher in pitch like chipmunks, the third track is “Pub Fight”, this track has a wailing synth line with a weird electronic beat over samples of people fighting in a club. The fourth track is “Life on the Streets” which features a sample of a journalist interviewing a drug lord played with an incessant beat over the interview. The fifth track is “Destroy Rework” which features a beat with a distorted synth over it. The sixth track “Debt Rework” has a distorted synth over a galloping bass line and beat, the sixth track is “Ogard Runir Remix” the track is pretty much pagan chanting over a repeated electric drum beat, distorted bass with a high, whiny synth line, and the seventh and last track which is my favorite is “Abyss” which is low, pitch shifted spoken word over synth lines and drones. Overall, this is techno I don’t mind too much, still not a big fan, not enough happens in the “techno” genre of music. “Techno Viking” techno done “ASKE” style is techno done right.

To get raided by the “Techno Viking” go here:

Sorry no more Viking booty anywhere.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Look at the camera, and “Mona Lisa Smile”!

Mona Lisa Smile tape came wrapped in black plastic bag with black electric tape.

When this tape came I was concerned, the fact that it was wrapped in what looked like a garbage bag with electrical tape made me think the music inside might be garbage. I normally buy tapes if their recommended to me or if the details of what is on the tape interests me, its pretty much a (half) blind buy. I was careful to cut this thing open hoping not to scratch it. After getting the bag and electrical tape off I encountered two A5 sheets with xeroxed art stapled around the tape.

One of the stapled pages of xeroxed art for the Mona Lisa Smile tape.
The other stapled sheet of xeroxed art for the Mona Lisa Smile tape.

After getting the sheets off the “Mona Lisa Smile” tape I was surprised to actually see a white pro tape and not a cheap recorded one.

Mona Lisa Smile white pro tape.

I can’t find any info on it, got the “Mona Lisa Smile” tape off of Analog Worship, and I forget if there was a limited amount of copies, again this was released by ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) Records. Here is a side by side break down because there really is no single tracks, side A of “Mona Lisa Smile” is just crackling, rhythmic and pulsating drones, almost like what a sonogram sounds like except more deeper sounding, something you can put on in the background that isn’t too distracting if your trying to study, read, or do any work that doesn’t demand distraction, it is even something you can meditate to. Side B of “Mona Lisa Smile” is a little different, it starts with what sounds like church bells, then there is what sounds like a acoustic guitar and organ all washed over with rippling water sounds, near the end of the tape the organ and guitar give way to only the rippling sounds and rhythmic thumping. Side B could be used for background music but it is a little more noisy and complicated. Overall “Mona Lisa Smile” is a tape I will throw on while writing this blog, working on my projects or reading a book. The tape keeps it interesting and it covers my favorite sub genres in the noise genre, dark ambient and drone. You really won’t find “Mona Lisa Smile” anywhere, its not on analog worship or on discogs at all.

So if you want to “Smile” Mona Lisa style you can go here, I gotcha:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Hear the “Lightning Undersun”, the house shaker.


Tape came in a bag with Undersun sticker on bag and color xeroxed art work page that wrapped tape.

Now I rarely hear folk music mixed with experimental industrial and darkwave. ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) records is known for putting out weird and out there lo fi music, everything from black metal to twisted techno, some of those genres mixed together. “Lightning Undersun” is one such project, this is one tape whose sound is hard to pin down and that is the way I like it, Discogs gives really thin information on “Lightning Undersun” I did get this off of Analog Worship, there was a limited edition of 30 I got tape 3, I know this is a small label but I really am not into the whole small amount of “limited edition” batches that only certain people can get, especially if your stuff isn’t up on a streaming service or bandcamp. I know ASKE pulled down their whole discography on bandcamp and are doing physical release only, that means only 30 people are going to hear “Lightning Undersun” which doesn’t make any sense to me at all, there is a bit of snobbery and elitism when a release is only limited to X amount of copies. I know most of these types of labels hate the mainstream and trends but who is gonna listen to your label or band if you keep it off of everything? Your label and band can remain special by just sticking to your principles and sound, strictly limiting yourself as a label makes no sense.

White pro tape with number of tape in the series in black marker.

The “Lightning Undersun” tape, besides the bag having xeroxed art work folded over the tape, has a slip of paper with the track listings on them.

Track listing sheet.

So for a track by track break down, so track one is called “The Son”, kind of a play on words, this track is a weird mix of darkwave and folk with low echoing vocals that switch to clean higher pitched vocals, with wailing flute,a programmed drum machine beat in back, and a acoustic guitar strumming along, so far this track sounds a lot like “Death in June”. Track two is called “Blood God”, this track is a fast paced affair with hardcore screeching vocals that go into clean singing, then into what can only be described as industrial noise racket and then a strummed acoustic guitar and field recordings of rain and thunder, a sample from some old movie is played and then harmonious singing. Track three is called “War in the Sky” it starts with a steady drum machine beat, static noise like you’d hear in the “Harsh Wall of Noise” genre and a ghostly synth with light background talking and near the end of the track various strumming acoustic guitars colliding with keyboards. The last track “The Wheel Turns” starts with bongos and a electric sitar playing fast, dogs barking, people grunting and the deep, echoing darkwave vocals return to round out the track. These tracks repeat on side B.

The color xeroxed art that folds around tape.

So to get struck right away, go here, because there is no other way to be struck because this tape is for sale nowhere:




White Noise Eardrum Buster: The wild noise land of “Tasmania 1”, lets go down there…

A lot of compilations are hit and miss, sometimes there is a lot more misses than hits and those are the ones I won’t review on this blog. The ones I do review are the ones that have more hits than misses or in “Tasmania 1″s case, almost every track hits like a mack truck.




I found this on a now defunct blog and it was way up my alley, according to discogs it originally came housed in a box with two tapes with an A5 booklet with art for each artist. This was put out by Overuse records, which was founded by Tasmanian based Matthew Nicholls in 2015 and most if not all the acts on the comp are his own bands. That being said, each band and act has its own personal stamp and this comp fucking kills. So without further, ado start digging to the land down under.

The first track is an synth ambient piece with rumbling lows, its soft and calm but bludgeons you at the same time, it is by the act Dysassociation called “Endless Low”. Most people going into this compilation will think this is a noise comp, nope. The first track puts you at ease, wailing and sighing synths give way to…Snarling feedback laden blackened punk by Fixation with two tracks of mean hardcore with “Crippled Over” and “Falling Down”. Both tracks rip and go for the throat, these two tracks hate your fucking guts.

Next up you get blackened noise from the act Blackline, two tracks laden with black metal tinged filth, “Famine” and “Disease” and that is what it will sound like in your ears. Then Carved Cross comes in with their raw, lo fi rumbling black metal, screeching in agony with “Forced Self Deprivation”.

Another blowout ambient piece with crackling and searing textures comes to singe your ears courtesy of Colour Sensory with the track “Waves of Diffraction”.

Now time to get down, and I mean really really down, with the audio heroin of Gaunt, with the tracks “Music Isn’t Fun” and “Something Numb”, this is pretty much down in the dumps, volume blown out darkwave with vocals that are moaning and sound like they were recorded in a coffin. You want to get depressed listening to these two tracks complete with wailing synths. Then you get Leather Temple with “Dark Street Corner”, their piece dark ambient laced with low rumbles and screeching feedback, not for the faint of heart. Like a shot of adrenaline, Parvo comes in with the track “Teenage Kicks” and it will kick you right in the face, straight up no frills, lo fi punk, is what Parvo is about and there is nothing wrong with that!

Next up is the minimalist, lo fi black metal band, Night Falls Haunting with the tracks “Prelude” and “Fear Haunts Me”, “Prelude” is a slow, plodding, echoing and scratchy track that sets the mood for whats ahead, which is “Fear Haunts Me” which is sluggish and like walking through a cold dark forest in winter complete with screechy vocals. Night Falls Haunting has no pretense it is just straight ahead, depressing, old school style black metal.

The last two tracks on “Tasmania 1” are the noise act Claudia with “Faggot’s Spit” which has a crackling sound to it and what sounds like samples lifted from a she male porn flick, sometimes the sample sounds like the participants are wailing in pain, fun fun fun.  Last, but definitely not least, is Fetish Ritual with “M.B.” power electronics done old school like Whitehouse. Spoken word, snarling in fury at child molesters with swirling screeches and static in the background, “Tasmania 1” nails the coffin shut and now you’ll suffocate.

So in closing if you can find this version of the compilation snap it up quickly, to my knowledge there was another version minus the A5 booklet and box set. I have volume 2 and will review that in the future along with some other Overuse releases. In my opinion the art in the booklet helps supplement the music, this is a must have for fans of extreme and on the fringes music.

No copies of the boxed edition of “Tasmania 1” but there is a copy of the no frills release on discogs whoever is interested might want to snap this up:

Here is Overuse’s defunct blog, there seems to be no new entries since last year but it still gives some info on their releases:

If you throw up your hands in defeat and want to make your own depressive noise go here and listen to it in it’s entirety:

Here is a volume 2 you can listen to it and check out my run down of it here:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: The Bloody “Baphometic Dawn/Unexamine-Against the World, Against Life” (2018) Full Tape

Awww whats that lovely sound? The sound of literal white noise, an explosion of screeching, whips, discordant guitars, drums like a machine gun and filthy dirty bass all bathed in the filth of Power Electronics. Its enough for the songs to get stuck in ones head and whistle them all day as a atomic red sun melts in the sky and blood bathes the street while people choke on their on guts. That sound is “Baphometic Dawn/Unexamine” the former being a raw black metal band that mixes noise into their “sound and the latter being a blackened filth noise artist, they decide to take these two things and mash them up into a lo fi orchestra of pain in “Against the World, Against Life”.

My favorite genre of music right now is avant garde/experimental black/death metal, the more weird it is the better. I like every genre of metal (except for “Nu Metal”), every genre of rock (except for “Soft Rock”) and every genre of noise. I’ve listened to so many genres and so many bands, its almost like how the tolerance for a drug a junkie takes goes up and the junkie has to take more to get a high, that is the same thing with me and music, I’ve heard it all and it needs to get weirder and weirder for me to find something different, new and exciting in it. The problem with a lot of avant garde/experimental metal bands is too many of them want to be Faith No More or Mr. Bungle but I’ve got news for bands like Ten Foot Ninja and Dog Fashion Disco, you aren’t Faith No More and/or Mr. Bungle. The black and death metal experimentalists don’t have that draw back, I especially love when bands will mix different genres that aren’t metal into their music but it can’t be forced and it has to be done right.  With the “Baphometic Dawn/Unexamine” tape the noise and raw black metal meld their genres into one, beautiful, dark, disgusting sound.

You pretty much get a pro orange tape which surprised me when I got the tape because the fold out was your typical low budget black metal xeroxed black and white cover art, normally with a release like that you get a recorded tape. On discogs it says that this release was limited to 50 copies but my “Baphometic Dawn/Unexamine” tape fold out says 45 out of 80. I got this bad boy off of Analog Worship, this is one site I can’t recommend enough if your a death/black/noise type music on vinyl and tape. Get this one if your into filthy blackened noise.

No physical copies left, but you can filthy up your ears here:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Lost in the “Wrnlrd- Pentagon” CD, 2008

 I’ve listened to every genre of metal and rock, I’ve dived deep and the problem with that is I’ve heard it all and I grow bored of people who rehash the same shit in each genre. Now bands that I look for, especially now that I am older, are bands that branch out and create something new in their audio lab, instead of following a safe path of just playing straight up “thrash”, “grindcore”, “death metal”, “black metal”, “hard rock”, “indie rock” etc. they will take the other path that is overhung with dark trees and has a strange, unpredictable foreboding. Most bands balk and take the safe path playing the same retreaded riffs, with the same vocal styles, others like Mr. Bungle, Sunn O))), Spazztic Blurr etc. look at the foreboding path and yell “Challenge Accepted!” And Wrnlrd is one of those bands. And with “Pentagon” this one man weird metal machine goes deep into weird, acid trip territory and I love it.

First off, you get a really faded, silvery cover for the CD, almost haunting and wispy which actually describes the music contained within perfectly. The title “Pentagon” evokes images of the military and war but Wrnlrd sometimes to be going in a occult direction with the music, all one needs to do is look at the track titles and sub titles, names like “Annuit Coeptis”, “Death’s White City”, “Shaft of Ba’al”, “Awakening” and “V” not to mention track sub titles like “Maze of Light”, “Sun Wheel: Eye of Horns”, “Balefire: Temple of Briar”etc.

Now the music is stewed and brewed Black Metal, now I can hear the hipster traditionalist metal heads screaming their bitch heads off “THAT ISN’T METAL! MEH TRADITIONAL SONG STRUCTURE! WAH! WAH! WAH!” To those people I say “cry in a corner” these are the types of musical conservatives who piss in their black diapers when anybody tries anything different within a genre. Wrnlrd doesn’t give two fucks and does what he wants, according to an interview with Pitchfork (full disclosure, I fucking hate the hipsters at Pitchfork) he said: “I see ghosts of American music everywhere. I hear Dock Boggs in black metal, the droning banjo, voice like an earthquake. I hear Blind Lemon [Jefferson] pounding his feet on the floor, and I know he is my cousin… I think the essence of black metal is something that goes beyond geography and stylistic tradition, even beyond music.”

Apparently Wrnlrd played in a bluegrass band before his foray into avant garde black metal which explains the banjo plucking between tremolo strummed electric guitar, Wrnlrd experiments with different sounds, field recordings, echoing black metal, noise rock guitar screech, Sunn O))) type drones and dark ambient pieces. One can fall into this music and let their minds wander in it, devour it and savor it. There is no way I can do a “Bandwagon” feature on Wrnlrd because most of his releases in physical format are hard to find. He’s got his own bandcamp page but it doesn’t have “Pentagon” on it which is a damn shame. Granted the other stuff in his discography is equally as weird and different and highly recommended.

To listen to “Pentagon” in its entirety and you want to be swallowed by black droning muck go here, I flashed the alternate cover in the video also:

Here is Wrnlrd’s record label and bandcamp page without “Pentagon” the albums they have up are prime grade avant garde black metal, some of which I will get around to reviewing in the future:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Get “Conquer”-ed by Vopo’s (1984)

Mixing metal and punk is a hard balancing act, if you do it wrong you come out sounding generic and/or lame or like your trying too hard. A lot of bands that try it, metal or punk bands end up falling off the high wire and crashing right into the ground with no cushioning, you do it right and its the sound of the Gods. Vopo’s with “Conquer” have done just that, and this isn’t your typical, rehashed “crossover thrash”, no this album came out when punks and metal heads still kind of hated each others guts and going “punk” or “metal” in either camp was “selling out”, some make metal punk unintentionally (like Venom and Motorhead), and some (like Vopo’s and Warfare) do it on purpose and do it right which is rare, its normally the people who try to do it on purpose that screw it the hell up. And boy oh boy check out that cheesy, S and M airbrushed 1980’s cover and metalized words! Makes you slaver, don’t it?

The first track says it all “Hard and Loud” a galloping track that will trample you under iron hooves, a rip snortin’ mean one at that, this one won’t let you come up for breath. The second track “Tonight” is slowed down and groovy, it still rocks like a mother fucker, the bass just throbs sexually and it keeps this groove until it explodes into guitar solo insanity. “In the Book” is a track with discordant guitar chords and a drummer trying to out race a Ferrari, lets not downplay the punk vocals, snotty with a back up chorus, this song is catchy as hell. “Nuclear War” is a strange track you get the punchy and catchy punk/speed metal with a accordion sounding off in the background! Yeah I know it sounds lame at first but it actually gives the song some flavor that would’ve been missing otherwise. “Warrior” starts of with a throat rending scream and riffs cascade and the band goes for broke, this is a song for warriors alright, it takes no god damn prisoners. “Conquer” the album title track could be a hardcore punk song if it didn’t have the technical solo in the middle, its got the obligatory “shout back” back up vocals, a ripper of a tune. “Get Me” starts deceptively with a piano jag and as the piano picks up speed the guitar, bass and drums kicks into high gear and go at 120 MPH with no regard for safety, defiance “GET ME! COME AND GET ME! YOU WON’T LAST!” Every last police car giving chase ends up in the ditch and/or off a cliff. “Speedbanging Babies” starts with stuttering guitar and then snarls into metal punk defiance and doesn’t let up, “Just bang your head like speedbanging baby, bang your head til you die”. This song sprays lead in all directions, massive destruction ensues. “007” so are you in for some surf metal guitar James Bond style? Than this is your tune! Reverbed guitar chords ripple like an angry ocean after Tsunami and crash on the rocks with ripping rhythm and solos, these guys dig on Bond. This song is a license to kill, I love when bands mix genres. And the last song “Short Joy” makes me want to cry because its the last song on the whole album and they go out with a bang, with nonsensical lyrics and melodic speed metal/punk “Where is the cat? HE IS IN YOUR HAT! The cat is no more there is blood all over!” Now I am not blowing a bunch of smoke up your ass, from beginning to end this album fucking slays, not one of the songs is bad, I’ve listened to this thing up to ten times a day and haven’t got sick of it, everyone of these songs will get stuck in your head, like gum at the bottom of your shoe that won’t come off and this is good shit to get stuck in your head.

“Vopo’s Conquer” was an album I stumbled across looking for old school metal punk bands, after stumbling across a bunch of generic “crossover thrash” I came across this band and was blown away. This was what I was looking for, a perfect balance between the two genres that didn’t come off sounding as if they tried too hard. So I went looking for the vinyl and found cheap copy on discogs.

Tried to do more research on this band and info is very skimpy on this band, on discogs the whole band has the same last name “Vopo” which explains the name of the band, that is if “Vopo” doesn’t mean something in a different language and they all took on a fake last name to mirror that and apparently their still active and released their next album after “Conquer” in 2005 around 20 years after! These guys used to have a web site where they sold their albums on CD but it is non existent. The cheapest vinyl copy is 25 bucks on discogs and you’ll have to pay astronomical shipping because most of the sellers are from out of Europe.

 However if you want to get “Conquer”-ed right away go here:

If you want the whole platter here is where you should try your luck:


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Get ridden hard by “Black Demons” and be driven to “Black Rock n’ Roll Madness”.

I hate when bands have a lot of promise and only release one album or EP. “Black Demons” is one of those bands, I make no secret of the fact I like bands that rip off Venom and Motorhead, that dirty, blackened speed metal, proto thrash, hardcore d beat punk sound gets me right in the junk every time I hear it. There is some bands that just can’t pull it off or try too hard. “Black Demons” isn’t one of those bands, they flawlessly mix Motorhead with Venom, a sound they call “Black Rock n’ Roll”. That being said these guys, who are from Malaysia, only released a split and this EP tape. Damn shame, a lot of promise. 

Though the lyrics from most of these bands get monotonous and eye rolling predictable “Satan this”, “Hell this”, “Demon that” etc. Its not the lyrics I am really after, it is the sound and there is bands who play that dirty, blackened speed metal/punk hybrid with lyrics that don’t pertain to old scratch. So with this tape you get that sound, the lyrics are cartoon devil Venom.

The first song “Rock n’ Roll Madness” lays the echoes on the vocals and it is a rollicking, d beat bonanza, more Motorhead than Venom. A song to drink your favorite dark brew to. The second song “Satanic Rites” starts with “I am gonna piss off my mom by singing about Satan” lyrics. This dives more into the head bangin’, Venom side of the scum infested pool. Simple, blunt and to the sharpened point like a metal punk song should be.  The third track, “Demonic Sacrifice” starts with a plodding mid tempo that will chew into your brain and rot out your eyes, its like trudging through the sludge that results from millions of corpses having their flesh rotting from their bones melting on to the floor. Than it goes at break neck down the Autobahn about to collide with a truck of dynamite, then its back to trudging through flesh sludge. This track keeps it interesting by changing up tempo to down tempo. While there is echo effect on the vocals there is none on the instruments that still sound primitive as fuck. Next up is “Bloody Blasphemous Mantra” a song that takes no prisoners and goes for broke, drums, bass, guitar and vocals going all over the place.

The next track is what else? “Hard Ride with Satan” with chanting vocals over punk bass and rhythm, this is the sound of riding hard with Satan, wait, that does sound a little gay. Like “Satan-Saddam- South Park” gay, I don’t know guys, maybe change the title of the song? I laugh when hear this song because I have a juvenile sense of humor. Their last track is a cover of the band their trying to rip off, Venom, with “Black Metal” they don’t deviate too much from the original, the vocals are different because there is rarely anybody that can match Crono’s “gargle with acid and razor blade” vocals. So overall is this tape worth it? Well if your a fan of Venom and Motorhead like me it is fucking vital you give this a listen or snap up a copy of the tape if you can ever find one.

The tape is professionally done and it looks like they took the trouble of actual putting a label on the recordable tape unlike a lot of other artists. It comes in a clam shell with folding lyrics sleeve and cover. So if you want more Venom here you go.

To get “Black Rock n’ Roll-ed” go to:

Sorry physical copy addicts, no copies in sight best bet is to get “Black Rock n’ Roll-ed” above.


White Noise Eardrum Buster: Ride the 7 inch “Tiger City Shockwave” with the Syphilitic Vaginas and Sabbat!

What a wheel, what a wheel. It spins violently and has serrated edges…well it is just a common 7 inch vinyl record but it should have serrated edges because the sound that violently springs from the grooves cuts deep and fast, blink and you’ll miss it, slices of violent, street level, blackened speed metal punk. I bring you…

Front cover of 7 inch


Back of 7 inch

Pairing these two together is like leveling Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Atomic explosions that will leave radioactive ash in your ears. This 7 inch was put out by the good folks of Heavy Metal Superstars out of Japan and limited to 400 copies, I have the 181st copy.

Front cover with number band.
Back of 7 inch with quantity band

While Syphilitic Vaginas adorn their album covers with Japanese characters and have broken English titles to their songs, EP’s, singles and albums and they sound like a 1980’s era metallic Japanese hardcore “Burning Spirits” type band, this “band” is from Sweden and from what I have read its a one man band who records all his own stuff like Athenar from Midnight and tours with a band. I loved the Syphilitic Vaginas from the first time I discovered them, their name even pays homage to legendary metal punk band GISM naming the band after one of GISM’s song titles. He captures the GISM sound perfectly, this one song is a ripper and classic Syphilitic Vaginas.

Inside fold of 7 inch

Syphilitic Vagina’s track “Tiger City Shockwave” starts by pounding your head into the concrete and then curb stomps you, however its got a kind of swing to it that wouldn’t be out of place on a 1980’s hair metal record. But of course the vocals sound like rusty razors giving you tetanus so its not like a Poison song by a long shot. The repeating riffs eat into your brain, the guitar breaks and leads ape Randy Uchida’s rough and technical style.

Front page of insert.

Sabbat’s track “Blacking Metal” starts off with an almost doomy Sabbath riff with a drummer hitting a cowbell and then it rips into the blackened sonic thrash Eastern terror Sabbat is famous and known for. Among a lot of fans they are considered the first Black Metal band in Japan and this band is actually Japanese. The track is sung in Japanese and the chorus in broken “Engrish”. The solos are discordant, lean, mean and nasty. This seven inch EP is a nasty SOB, a samurai “Seppuku” to the gut. Go on out and listen to it and get it.

Side A, Syphilitic Vaginas “Tiger City Shockwave”
Side B Sabbat with “Blacking Metal”

So where do you want to have your ears hammered out of your head and your teeth shoved down your throat? Go here for a preview:

So to get this nasty, circular saw plate there is one left as I am typing this on discogs:

Here you can get SV’s complete singles and EPs in two collections on bandcamp as well as bad ass t shirts:

Most of Sabbat’s insane discography is up on bandcamp, go on by to:



White Noise Eardrum Buster: “Calling All Covens” come on down for the seance party in the tea room!!!

“Sure to become a solid favorite at after-seance parties and packing the dance floors at spiritualist conventions, this compilation of rank electrified filth brings together a body of work deeply rooted in the murkiest strains of underground noise music”. Couldn’t have said it better, this on the A5 booklet insert on the back, this is creepy seance music that is meant to be played by candle light.

Front cover of A5 booklet for tape.
Page 2 with track listing.


This thing was put together by dark ambient group Goat Majesty, the front and back cover were done by Vladimir Vacovsky. What you got here is a who’s who of the blackened noise, dark ambient and drone scene. First off you got ZN with “Ingratitud Y Colera”, a tune with screeching feedback that sounds like a woman is screaming and deep drones that puts you on edge.

Page for ZN track.

Next up is Goat Majesty with their track “Cult Leaders” which comes roaring in like a demon possessed beast, with deep bubbling drones and muffled vocals, this is something that Abruptum in their experimental heyday would’ve done, feedback screech swirls in and out of the song and builds into a cacophony of blinding black noise and synths wailing. A very experimental black metal vibe on this one.  No drugs required for this one kids.

Goat Majesty’s page for their track.

Windy dark ambience haunts Haare’s track “Inside the Black Mirror”, a lighter track, ghostly sounding with a few squeals of feed back here and there, this is like being stranded in a grey wasteland with stagnant pools. There is a kind of weird beauty to it.

Haare’s page for their track.

Fordell Research Unit’s track “Ilm (For Daniel Rutter and Sandy Milroy, Giallo buddies)” starts with light and haunting synths that wail in back of heavy drones, this track combines heavy weight lead and feather light sound, a combo that works in a strange way. A track that could be in a 1980’s dark fantasy film.

Page for Fordell Research Unit’s track. “Kolchak the Night Stalker”.

Vampyre’s track “02 SoV” starts out with squealing feedback then gives way to pulsing and swirling sound. Synths are bent, broken and tortured, the sounds of a violin being ripped apart. This is a rough track like a vampire’s bite and the track will suck you dry. Its dark ambient clouds laced with lightning bolts and a calm pulse.

Page to Vampyre’s track.


Black Mountain Transmitter starts their transmission, “Saturn in Retrograde”, with a rough and rolling crash of cymbals, roaring feed back and pulsing drones, all this mixes into a slow, plodding sludge of sound. Kids don’t try this at home. Wailing, bubbling and cascading sound brings to mind cyclopean dark and gray landscapes on some strange Lovecraftian planet.

Black Mountain Transmitters page for their track.

Husere Grav’s “Abandoned Instinct” starts off with a smooth, billowing sound that pulses in and out like a dying light bulb and increases in intensity and sound and then mellowing out on a strange. dark, drone loop. Hypnotic stuff.

Page for Husere Grav’s track.

Aderlating’s track “Eerste Pijniging” starts off with a low throb and crackling sound with echoes. Its as if one is trapped in a dank, haunted dungeon. Soft drones are the order of the day and creaking, howling sounds, make this track very creepy.

Page for Aderlating’s track.

The tape looked like it was professionally done unlike a majority of these limited run noise tapes that look like their recorded onto cheap blank tapes one gets in packs at Walmart here in America and Tesco in Europe. The A5 booklet and tape came in a plastic baggy.

So the question is should you get “Calling All Covens”? If you are a literal noise addict, want something different, if want music you can sacrifice somebody or something to (that was a joke), background for that dark video game you kids play, sound for the background of a role playing table top game etc. Than “Calling All Covens” will be right up your alley.

Back page of A5 booklet.

So if you want to get physical there a few copies left on discogs, (limited to 50 hand numbered copies) good luck:

If you want it in the background or want to see if you want to join the physical cult but want to start spiritual go here: