White Noise Eardrum Buster: Ride the 7 inch “Tiger City Shockwave” with the Syphilitic Vaginas and Sabbat!

What a wheel, what a wheel. It spins violently and has serrated edges…well it is just a common 7 inch vinyl record but it should have serrated edges because the sound that violently springs from the grooves cuts deep and fast, blink and you’ll miss it, slices of violent, street level, blackened speed metal punk. I bring you…

Front cover of 7 inch


Back of 7 inch

Pairing these two together is like leveling Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Atomic explosions that will leave radioactive ash in your ears. This 7 inch was put out by the good folks of Heavy Metal Superstars out of Japan and limited to 400 copies, I have the 181st copy.

Front cover with number band.
Back of 7 inch with quantity band

While Syphilitic Vaginas adorn their album covers with Japanese characters and have broken English titles to their songs, EP’s, singles and albums and they sound like a 1980’s era metallic Japanese hardcore “Burning Spirits” type band, this “band” is from Sweden and from what I have read its a one man band who records all his own stuff like Athenar from Midnight and tours with a band. I loved the Syphilitic Vaginas from the first time I discovered them, their name even pays homage to legendary metal punk band GISM naming the band after one of GISM’s song titles. He captures the GISM sound perfectly, this one song is a ripper and classic Syphilitic Vaginas.

Inside fold of 7 inch

Syphilitic Vagina’s track “Tiger City Shockwave” starts by pounding your head into the concrete and then curb stomps you, however its got a kind of swing to it that wouldn’t be out of place on a 1980’s hair metal record. But of course the vocals sound like rusty razors giving you tetanus so its not like a Poison song by a long shot. The repeating riffs eat into your brain, the guitar breaks and leads ape Randy Uchida’s rough and technical style.

Front page of insert.

Sabbat’s track “Blacking Metal” starts off with an almost doomy Sabbath riff with a drummer hitting a cowbell and then it rips into the blackened sonic thrash Eastern terror Sabbat is famous and known for. Among a lot of fans they are considered the first Black Metal band in Japan and this band is actually Japanese. The track is sung in Japanese and the chorus in broken “Engrish”. The solos are discordant, lean, mean and nasty. This seven inch EP is a nasty SOB, a samurai “Seppuku” to the gut. Go on out and listen to it and get it.

Side A, Syphilitic Vaginas “Tiger City Shockwave”
Side B Sabbat with “Blacking Metal”

So where do you want to have your ears hammered out of your head and your teeth shoved down your throat? Go here for a preview:

So to get this nasty, circular saw plate there is one left as I am typing this on discogs:

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Most of Sabbat’s insane discography is up on bandcamp, go on by to: