Short (S)hit list: “Cornshukker” (1997) Motherfucker!!!

The Cornshukker, motherfucker.

Which was my response when I first watched this movie, in fact, when I first got this movie from “Vinegar Syndrome” and watched it, it kind of pissed me off, it was everything I hated in a movie, pretentious, trying to be weird, trying to be different, trying to be funny etc. Then after it ended at an hour and three minutes, my mind started to meditate on what I watched, the movie wasn’t long, to make the “Short (S)hit” list it has to be under a hour ten minutes, to me that is a short film, after the hour ten minute mark its a feature. Then an hour later I was still thinking about the movie, Cornshukker’s nasally refrain “I know” to any person who visited his sparse and rustic abode started to make me chuckle, then I meditated on the Cornshukker, a ghostly figure from folklore made up by the director/writer Brando Snider off of a painting he made, the Cornshukker is supposed to be a cryptid/nature spirit who lives on corn whose natural habitat is being in infringed upon by civilization. The Cornshukker’s skin is pale, he has no hair, black lipstick and eyeliner and wears a ill fitting suit with a wide tie, in other words he is a mopey 90’s goth kid.    

Cornshukker’s bad digital telepathic “effect”.

He mainly communicates through telepathy and when he does this his head stretches and morphs via cheap 1990’s in camera digital effects, crawdads invade his property and make loud noises in his head so he smashes them bloodily in the carpet, and various visitors like a girl scout cookie seller, prancing flute player, traveling dead heads, a make up saleswoman, a crazy pastor, a drunk pizza delivery guy from “Smegma Pizza”, a Mexican Senorita, a bigoted person in a creepy old man mask etc. come to Cornshukker’s shack and almost all of them with weird lines they read stilted. If you got this far reading this your probably muttering or yelling in a anger “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK”. That was my initial reaction but I watched it again, the Cornshukker is a movie that is dream like, the weird visitors the Cornshukker seem to me to be from some other dimension, I mean this was filmed in the Mid West so that would probably explain a lot of this vibe. The soundtrack is a whole other thing, the music is mainly ghostly lo fi country, something that one would hear on some radio signal from the ghost world, the segments and the “logic” in this short film drift on seas of the abstract. When (SPOILER AHEAD) Cornshukker kills the bigoted old man, a young guy in a weird old man mask, with a shovel, Jesus Penis’ “I Left My Body” industrial track drifts in, now this track sounded familiar to me, I had to search my memory banks, some burned out from all the substances I’d done in the past and some overloaded with underground pop culture effluvia, in the credits under the “soundtrack heading” the name “Bureaucracy of Hope” and a address to the record company popped up then I remembered the shitty, shot on video movie that tried to rip off “Necromantic”, the movie “Ghorewhore”  and its industrial soundtrack which was the whole compilation album “The Bureaucracy of Hope” the title “Elephants Force-Fed on Stale Chalk” (which I will post on my bitchute channel and do a review of sometime), on that album is Jesus Penis’ ghostly “I Left My Body”, it gives the murder scene a nightmare quality. A hour and three minutes for a movie like this is perfect if the “Cornshukker” had lasted longer I would’ve literally “shukked” this film onto amazon or ebay. It has drawn comparisons to “Eraserhead” but “Eraserhead” it is not, both are black and white but that is where the similarities end, “Eraserhead” builds tension, a nightmare atmosphere of barely comprehended fear, you can feel “Eraserhead” vibrating in your bones, “Cornshukker” doesn’t mess with any of that, it bashes you over the head with its weirdness, some people will retaliate in anger and some will go down unconscious and happy, at first I was the former but now I am the latter. “Cornshukker” took some time getting used to, if you aren’t patient you will not like this film.

Cornshukker does not like crawdads.

“Cornshukker” was made on a six thousand dollar budget, Brando Snider, the director decided to make this movie after he watched Robert Rodriguez’s “El Mariachi”, a precursor to his later bigger budgeted movie, “Desperado”. When Brando found out that Rob made his movie for as little as seven thousand dollars, he knew he could make a movie on his own. He said two thousand dollars went to the director of photography, Jim Tipperman, one thousand dollars went for film, and one thousand dollars to process it, he had no money at the end of it. He had to take out a loan through the Greenfield Banking Company, the loan officer who gave him his loan, Judy Gable, was in the movie she is one of the people in the (SPOILED MEAT AHEAD) torch and pitchfork ending. The mob with the pitchforks and torches at the end were people they asked in the local Fortville pub to play the crowd, so twenty to thirty drunk people showed up with pitchforks and torches. The police were actually called because they thought the film crew was a satanic cult, Brando’s mom and grandma tried talking to the police but were told to shut the fuck up at shotgun point, when Brando showed them he had permits to film they dropped the guns and said into the radio “Film Crew” and left like nothing happened.   For the character of “Cornshukker” Brando almost got a professional actor to play the character and he found the perfect guy, tall, lanky and skinny, the only problem was the actor had long hair and the “Cornshukker” has a completely shaved head, and the actor wouldn’t shave his head, so Brando hired his brother Jason who shaved his head and in my opinion, is the “Cornshukker” nobody else could’ve played him, most of the cast of “Cornshukker” is family and friends.  The only two professional actors in the movie was David Briggs who played the Reverend Lewd and Jack Rooney who played the ranger/cop. The acting of the non actors in this reminded me a lot of “Gummo”, Harmony Korine, the director of “Gummo” used some actors in his movie but shot actual people in their surroundings, this is called “Cinema Verite”, an almost documentary style of capturing moments on film. When Brando was filming out in public with the Cornshukker people would drive by and yell “Powder!” Which was a lamestream movie that came out back around when he shot his movie and it pissed him off because he thought his character was nothing like “Powder”. He did post production in a place that let him pay off the post production cost by shrink wrapping tapes which took six months, they allowed him two hours to edit his movie, an older guy, David Lister, helped him edit the movie, he said Lister was an ex hippie who loved “Cornshukker”. After the film was finished VHS copies were made and distributed they sent a copy to Sundance Film Festival but were turned down, they sold the VHS at twenty bucks a tape through various channels and for the longest time this movie was hard to find until its Blu Ray release. Along with Vinegar Syndrome this was put out in partnership with VHShitfest, a company that specializes in releasing little seen movies.

So do you want to get “shukked” well go here and pick up that “corn” before the whole field disappears:

Go luck, mothershukkers.



Short (S)hit List: Here Comes “That Little Monster” (1994)

Short films shot in black and white were a dime a dozen in the 1990’s, most low budget directors used the monochrome method to impart artiness, seriousness and mask whatever defects a low budget production spawned, most were pretentious shit from hipster assholes who had their heads wedged firmly in their asses. While the current entry “That Little Monster” was shot in black and white, tried to be arty, and tried to mask its defects with monochrome, serious it wasn’t and it is glorious to behold.

Baby from Hell!!!!

So the plot of “That Little Monster” isn’t really that complicated, it takes place in a retro future imagined by 1950’s sci fi writers, it takes place on a different planet, in a house with furniture, a TV set and Hi Fi record player that wouldn’t look too far out of place in a 1950’s swinging bachelor pad with a few tweaks here and there to make it look unearthly, add strange ornaments, sculptures and plants to make it look even more unearthly. Forrest J. Ackerman, founder of the first zine and movie monster magazine, “Monsters of Filmland” does the intro to the movie.  In comes female earthling Jamie (Melissa Baum) looking for a baby sitting job to make a little more money on this different planet, another human Twelvetrees (played by Reggie Bannister of “Phantasm” fame) interviews her for the baby sitting job, first by trying to pitch her a alien soda in what looks like retro commercial. She gets hired, she is to watch the infant spawn of the Willock couple who are going to a costume party dressed like humans, the male Willock breaks into a weird folk song out of nowhere, they allude to their being other human baby sitters that didn’t work out. She is given instructions on when to feed the baby and that she can have as much microwave popcorn as she wants, the aliens on this planet think microwave popcorn is the best invention they were given by us humans. Twelvetrees warns her to be careful around the alien infant, of course she ignores his advice and the alien baby starts running wild and things and people get hurt and Bob Hope (yes that one) makes a surprise cameo.

Baby’s Killer Toys!!!

For a low budget short film, the effects are pretty darn good, the alien baby gave me a chuckle and made me happy every time it popped up on the screen, I imagine this the way the baby in David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” would’ve looked like if it had lived a couple of more months, the gore effects and baby toys were well done, they made the baby toys look slightly familiar but otherworldly. This one really isn’t scary, its ridiculous, but ridiculous in a non pretentious and fun way, and to boot it is short, “That Little Monster” is one I will go back to and it makes it easy that its fifty minutes long and interesting, if it would’ve went on for an hour and half I would’ve been looking at my room wondering what I had to organize. “That Little Monster” came out of a time that was experiencing a “retro revival” every hipster was digging through thrift stores in the 1990’s looking for 1950’s-1960’s lounge lizard threads and digging through heaps of vinyl in used record stores trying to find the lost 45 or 78 of some obscure Swing Band. I can tell the director of this short, Paul Bunnell was one of those types of people.

The Parents

Paul shot “That Little Monster” over three years, it was originally supposed to be a segment in the awesome “Monsters” TV show, the connection to “Monsters”, according to Paul, “died” so he decided to develop it himself into a artsy kind of film to get his work seen. In the interview I saw, Paul looks like your typical 1990’s retro hipster, he wears black frame Buddy Holly glasses, his hair is slicked back with Brylcreem, he wears a plaid suit jack and wide collar shirt whose collar flaps come over the suit jacket collar, he also drives a 1960 Thunderbird with Bob Hope spelled out on his license plate and he does Don Knotts impersonations, this is the kind of guy who would direct a movie like this. Paul said it took thirty thousand dollars to make and some help from some producers. Paul says he is more of a visual stylist and tells his story more through visuals than the actual story.  This short is packed with eye popping visuals, Paul directed the segment “The Visitant” in the “Strange Tales” ( I reviewed here awhile ago.

So are you confused? By my review or where to watch it? Or both? Well I can solve the “where to watch it” part, you can go right here:

If you want to actually get “That Little Monster”, and I mean really get it go here:

Time to feed “That Little Monster”!


Short (S)hit List: S & M puppet show from Hell, “Sanzo Hoshi” and “Jyomon Rashomon” (1967)

There is some things in Japanese culture that have me scratching my head saying “WTF?!” And those things, like “Sanzo Hoshi” and “Jyomon Rashomon” make life worth living. I like weird puppets, and I like creepy things, you put them together and I am one happy, perverted SOB. Granted I am not into the whole “whips and leather” thing myself, but I find the topic interesting from a psychological and artistic stand point. I don’t want to be whipped or tortured while fucking, call me vanilla if you want to, I stand guilty. That being said when I first watched these shorts I was mind boggled.

I got this as an extra DVD when I ordered the Japanese “Guinea Pig” movies, the disc had no label or anything written on it, I figured it was some throwaway. I put it in my player and my eyes fell out of my head, I was confused and disturbed and for the longest time I couldn’t find the titles to the two shorts, it was mainly the language barrier. There isn’t much dialogue in these two shorts and the second short “Jyomon Rashomon” had a title card which I put in google translate. From there I was able to find out the titles.

Hailing from the Japanese “Guro” tradition I wasn’t able to find much info on these two shorts, info was very scanty. They were directed by Kentaro Uchida, the first short is “Sanzo Hoshi” it is about a monk by the same name who descends into hell and has his semen milked by female demons, when they drink his semen they get younger by 1000 years. This short visually is the better of the two and disturbing, its like a Jim Henson puppet show from Hell. Two female demons cane and jerk off the unfortunate monk while other demons watch getting aroused or playing strange music. The attention to detail is pretty cool and when I tried to find a date on when this was made I kept on running into “1967”, problem is the film grain, the hair styles and colors of the various demons scream “1980’s”, maybe these shorts were ahead of their time, I don’t know.

As you can see from the above gif these puppets are life size. At first I had to really look to make sure, and as you can see there is puppeteers dressed in black moving them, that is the only off setting thing. You can see them but it is actually amazing this much detail was put into the puppets and the surrounding scenes. Again beware, these are puppet shows are not meant for kids.

The second short “Jyomon Rashomon” is about a brigand who captures a woman and canes her in front of demons in robes who jerk off. In fact, he canes her until she pees, this one gets kind of monotonous but again the attention to detail is amazing. Again I was amazed and repulsed at the same time, I felt kind of dirty watching this short. Some of you out there will probably pop a tent in your pants, I did at first but the S&M stuff turned me the hell off. It just isn’t my thing, you dig?

Very scanty details and info on this one, the details remain a mystery. I want find out why this was made, who it was made for and more about who made it, the director, Kentaro Uchida, seems to only have directed these two shorts and an 1986 film in the tradition of the “Faces of Death” called “Shocks”, I’ll have to track that one down. I can’t find anything else out about the shorts. Did they play at specialty film festivals? Or maybe at Japanese S&M clubs and gatherings? These are the kinds of things that drive me and people think I am nuts for wanting to decode this type of visual white noise. If my mom or grandma ever saw my blog their eyes would fill with tears and they’d go into guilt trip mode and ask me “Why can’t you do a blog about good things? Positive things like kittens, flowers and Jesus? Why do you have to make a blog about gross and sick things?” I’d just shrug, trying to explain this stuff to people who have no ears, eyes or sensations for white noise of any kind is a waste of time, they won’t get it and I don’t expect them to.

So in closing this of course isn’t gonna be for everybody, some will find this disgusting, sexist, nasty etc. I am not talking to everybody though and it is up to you if you want to watch these two shorts. You’ve been warned, if you want to journey into a strange, beautiful and ugly at the same time, weird world than go here:



Short S(hit) List: Triple Shot to the Face “South Mill District” (2018), “Teratomorph” (2019), and “Variant” (2020)

Ten years after the “Alien Wars”, Eon Corp is experimenting with splicing human with alien DNA, and we all know when it comes to B movies that isn’t a good thing to do, things go wrong. And they go disastrously wrong in this series of short films from Joe Meredith. I get the feeling Joe is a metal head who wanted to make his own films, sink or swim, so he grabbed a digital camera and with some friends from the local community college who are trying to major in special effects made these short films, the longest short film of this series being forty minutes.

With his limited resources he creates a apocalyptic future that is really believable. With its “Cinema Verite” filming style, scummy surroundings and angels with broken faces type amateur actors (most of which are Joe’s family and friends) it reminded me a lot of “Gummo”mixed with “Alien”. He has made something unique here, all of these films are fast watches and their at the right running time. Some film makers don’t know when to stop, Joe knows his world works better when it gives short and powerful jabs instead of long and hard (hee hee I typed long and hard) punches. For the budget, time and materials he created some pretty bad ass monsters and aliens.

If you cum in your pants every time you see stop motion like me, then these films will have your pants sticky in no time. Not many film makers, mainstream or independent, use stop motion anymore. Joe isn’t afraid to and in fact said in a interview he was a fan of Eric Brummer who did the stop motion short classics like “Electric Flesh” and “Anna Died and Went to Hell” (all of which I have reviewed on my blog). Seeing any type of practical effects in modern movies makes me very happy.

“South Mills District”, the first short film in this series, follows two homeless guys trapped in a quarantine zone due to a man made alien virus, one of the homeless guys is an ex soldier who fought in the war. Tentacled monsters and corpses abound, this is around 25 minutes long and it packs a lot of power in that short time. “South Mills District” got me hooked and wanting more. That is where the “Teratomorph”, the second short film, came in.

“Teratomorph” clocks in at around 33 minutes and starts off with a kid poking a melted corpse near a river. It seems the alien virus has spread outside the “South Mill District”. The kid’s parents are nowhere to be found (probably eaten by aliens or taken over by the virus). The kid is all alone, eating junk food, living in a abandoned room in an abandoned school, and nails the doors and windows shut. He leaves occasionally to find food and other things, in his searches for food he comes to a weird house full of old Victorian pictures, a short circuiting android head, and a alien with three skulls for a head in a Victorian dress with tentacles which attacks him…well I will leave it there, don’t want to ruin it all for you.

This brings us to the third short film “Variant” which is 40 minutes long and shows the alien virus spreading through the whole country. There is a tentacle rape scene, a pissed off hillbilly saying he is gonna shoot all the medical tyrants at EonCorp, Fulci like zombies eating people, industrial plants on fire etc. Again Meredith films a bleak and destroyed world, the locations he picks to film are abandoned places and buildings. 

 There is not one lick of CGI in this whole thing which makes me so god damn fucking happy. All of it is beautiful, I can smell the corn syrup blood, latex and rubber. I really dig this stuff and if your a fan of any type of practical effects this will be right up your alley.

This stuff was birthed into existence from the ground up with very little money and bare hands, that isn’t done too often these days and when I see that it gives me hope that there can be a future for cinema. My oft repeated and old man opinion is that CGI should be a tool to use when there is no other option, too many films pour on the CGI and to me its a weakness and path of least resistance. Just pour on shitty computer graphics that everybody can tell are fake and you will pull in audiences.

You can easily watch all three of these short films back to back and have a full feature, not a three hour snooze-a-thon but a quick and awesome hour and forty minutes. So dive into the “shot on digital” apocalyptic world of Joe Meredith. I hope Joe has more up the sleeve of that band shirt of his, I’ll be snapping those up when they come out.

So your asking me where can I watch this? On youtube? Your bitchute channel? Nope you can go give Joe some greenbacks and support him and his mission to bring further madness and art to the world by going to:


Short (S)hit List: Double Feature!!! “Electric Flesh” and “Joanna Died and Went Hell” (1996), what a Brummer!!!

Time to get disturbed, so disturbed you end up in a padded room with a special jacket. It will be a “Brummer” but you will enjoy every fucking minute of it.

Both these twisted shorts are directed by Eric Brummer, this stop motion ain’t for kids. Eyes pop out, clay gets shot, women go topless, industrial metal music screams in the background, winged skulls cackle in glee and you know your in for it. It looks like these shorts were shot back to back.

First off, “Electric Flesh” is shot in color, it has a semi plot of clay zombies attacking live action women, the rest is skull fuck imagery of robots, heads coming apart on stakes, and skulls with wings.

It is short and sweet, if this had carried on for an hour it would’ve made me angry and want to pour water all over my external hard drive. This is the type of stuff my generation, Gen X, used to churn out in the 1990’s, a lot of them tried to be “edgy” and “nihilistic”, of course a majority of experimental “underground” shorts were up their own ass, pretentious, uninteresting, puerile garbage but there was shorts like these also, the more coal there is, the more diamonds your likely to find which is why I didn’t mind this proliferation of underground stuff back in the day.

So with “Electric Flesh” I was driving at 100 mph, now time to shift into super fucking HIGH GEAR.

“Joanna Died and Went to Hell” starts out with this “There once was a young girl from Nantucket who took too many pills and kicked the bucket”. This girl descends into hell and is kidnapped by “Dark Strangers”.

Shot in black and white this thing is actually effective. I remember first watching this years ago on video tape, it was late out and dark. I was a little high and drunk but it creeped me the hell out, of course watching it now I am not as creeped out. It looks like “Hell” was filmed in Brummer’s one bed room apartment.

Again Brummer mixes live action with stop motion. In Jack Sargeant’s “Cinema Contra Cinema” book Eric Brummer said this about set design, “You can take any space and make hell out of it by sprinkling body parts all over the place and writing “Hell” on the wall.” HA! HA! Yep that sums up the set design of “Joanna Died and Went to Hell”.

Joanna gets loose from her bonds and finds a gun on one of the corpses and shoots the S and M leather demons who don’t die but become clay zombies. I love this fucking short, you get to see Joanna’s tits at the beginning, the horny thirteen year old in me loves that. Stop motion and tits make everything better.

The winged skull from “Electric Flesh” makes an appearance as a demon who wants a special box, he tells Joanna if she gets the box for him he will transport her soul to another realm and… watch the damn thing I don’t want to ruin it for you. Experience it for yourself and move down the page to the link.

“Joanna Dies and Goes to Hell” is a more cohesive short than “Electric Flesh”, in fact, Brummer later went on to do a full length of his “Joanna” short called “Debbie Does Damnation” (see it here: ) it was produced by Donald G. Jackson who did “Hell Comes to Frogtown”. Brummer did one more “regular” short before plunging dick deep into porn, what a Brummer (sorry I can’t help myself I know you are wanting to punch me in the throat for my puns). Guess the tits weren’t enough, in fact, there is rumors there is a hardcore version of “Debbie Does Damnation” but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Anyways, there is really no online info on Eric, he doesn’t have a site that sells stuff but he still directs, produces and acts in porn. Anyways to watch both these disasterpieces go to:

   Don’t get Brummed out.

Short (S)Hit List: Dawn of an Evil Millennium 1988

Ever seen a twenty minute trailer? Get ready because here it comes…in your face. Visual white noise, time to get the descrambler.

Shot on super 8 by Damon Packard in 1988 and made for film school as a trailer to a 18 hour movie, this thing has small cameos from Miles O’ Keefe (Ator) and Ronald Lacey (Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, he played creepy dude with glasses who has the best face melting scene ever). This “trailer” is 20 minutes long, two words, FUCKING INSANE.

This short film doesn’t disappoint or bore, its like a strange horror/sci fi hybrid with frenetic pacing, jump cuts, pitch shifted voices, neon explosions, super imposed space ships, sped up footage and vomiting of liquids of various colors. I stumbled upon this when going through that external hard drive my buddy gave me of strange short films.

So a demon comes to earth to conquer it in the year 1999, the demon splits in two, one is good and the other is bad. The bad one drives a super powered 1970 Olds Mobile and two cops are after him. Not much makes sense in this thing and it can become disconcerting, all this made me creeped out by it on the first watch. Its original and it is trying to parody the straight to VHS movies of the time, on further watches I was chuckling. This is one all noise addicts need to watch. A cornucopia of madness made by desperate people.

To check out go to:

Damon is still active he has a youtube channel, don’t like to link to youtube because I don’t like them but I do like Damon and I like the fact the dude is still working and hasn’t given up:


Short (S) Hit list: Hospital Brut 1999

Don’t want to fry on acid? Afraid your gonna do a Diane Linklater dive off a skyscraper thinking that you can fly and the only “scraper” you’ll get is when they peel you off the pavement?! Look no further than the semi short “Hopital Brut”!!! Grrrrr…

Made by the French outsider artist collective, Le Dernier Cri, featuring outsider artists from all around the world from what I can tell “Hopital Brut” is taken from a actual art magazine the collective publishes with numerous contributors.

Some of these artists that are featured in this thing have only painted or drawn pictures and comics, this the first time that I’d seen their art work animated. People like Stu Mead in the gif above and Mike Diana.

As you can see keep kids far away from this, unless you want your kids traumatized for their rest of their short, miserable lives. “Hopital Brut” is visual white noise that may cause epilepsy in some. Every type of animation is utilized in this thing, as well as live action segments, it jumps around a lot and has a loose theme of a insane asylum, the thing is very VERY loose with the theme. The jumping around can be very disconcerting, that is a warning to you.

I found out about this thing because a buddy of mine who collects weird short films gave me a external hard drive full of them. I watched this thing and my jaw dropped, at times it veers into the dangerous “pretentious up its ass” territory but then it cuts right back into horrifying you and making you laugh so hard milk squirts out of your nose (or whatever other liquor your drinking at the time).

If you want to trip balls without windpanes here you go:

Give Le Dernier Cri some love and buy some of their bat shit insane art: