Short (S) Hit list: Hospital Brut 1999

Don’t want to fry on acid? Afraid your gonna do a Diane Linklater dive off a skyscraper thinking that you can fly and the only “scraper” you’ll get is when they peel you off the pavement?! Look no further than the semi short “Hopital Brut”!!! Grrrrr…

Made by the French outsider artist collective, Le Dernier Cri, featuring outsider artists from all around the world from what I can tell “Hopital Brut” is taken from a actual art magazine the collective publishes with numerous contributors.

Some of these artists that are featured in this thing have only painted or drawn pictures and comics, this the first time that I’d seen their art work animated. People like Stu Mead in the gif above and Mike Diana.

As you can see keep kids far away from this, unless you want your kids traumatized for their rest of their short, miserable lives. “Hopital Brut” is visual white noise that may cause epilepsy in some. Every type of animation is utilized in this thing, as well as live action segments, it jumps around a lot and has a loose theme of a insane asylum, the thing is very VERY loose with the theme. The jumping around can be very disconcerting, that is a warning to you.

I found out about this thing because a buddy of mine who collects weird short films gave me a external hard drive full of them. I watched this thing and my jaw dropped, at times it veers into the dangerous “pretentious up its ass” territory but then it cuts right back into horrifying you and making you laugh so hard milk squirts out of your nose (or whatever other liquor your drinking at the time).

If you want to trip balls without windpanes here you go:

Give Le Dernier Cri some love and buy some of their bat shit insane art: