Short (S)Hit List: Dawn of an Evil Millennium 1988

Ever seen a twenty minute trailer? Get ready because here it comes…in your face. Visual white noise, time to get the descrambler.

Shot on super 8 by Damon Packard in 1988 and made for film school as a trailer to a 18 hour movie, this thing has small cameos from Miles O’ Keefe (Ator) and Ronald Lacey (Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, he played creepy dude with glasses who has the best face melting scene ever). This “trailer” is 20 minutes long, two words, FUCKING INSANE.

This short film doesn’t disappoint or bore, its like a strange horror/sci fi hybrid with frenetic pacing, jump cuts, pitch shifted voices, neon explosions, super imposed space ships, sped up footage and vomiting of liquids of various colors. I stumbled upon this when going through that external hard drive my buddy gave me of strange short films.

So a demon comes to earth to conquer it in the year 1999, the demon splits in two, one is good and the other is bad. The bad one drives a super powered 1970 Olds Mobile and two cops are after him. Not much makes sense in this thing and it can become disconcerting, all this made me creeped out by it on the first watch. Its original and it is trying to parody the straight to VHS movies of the time, on further watches I was chuckling. This is one all noise addicts need to watch. A cornucopia of madness made by desperate people.

To check out go to:

Damon is still active he has a youtube channel, don’t like to link to youtube because I don’t like them but I do like Damon and I like the fact the dude is still working and hasn’t given up:

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