White Noise Eardrum Buster: All hail “Svaty Vincent” (1990)

“Svaty Vincent” translated from Czech is “Saint Vincent” and no its not the Saint Vincent who is a hipster, “indie musician” who looks like a super model, this “Saint Vincent” looks like Anton La Vey, believes he is a saint, believes he is from outer space and makes messed up music. Fellow noise travelers here is a twisted and strange journey for you to get into…

“Svaty Vincent” the self titled 1990 album is very hard to find in any format. Again it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, luckily on discogs a seller had it stateside so it came fast. On discogs they list this album’s genre as “noise rock”, but its way deeper than that, while there is screeching feed back and weird song structures it cuts deep into experimental black metal territory. I found out about this artist when I listened to the compilation album “Incredibly Strange Metal” (you can find my review of the “Incredibly Strange Metal” comp here ), his track was so unhinged and so insane I had to find out more about the artist.

So I stumbled into the now defunct Obscuro blog and found a review and download link for the self titled album, unfortunately the link was dead and then I knew I’d have to look for the needle in the haystack. As you can tell from the album art, the cover, lyric book and back screamed “Black Metal” aesthetic with its black and white cover and cheap packaging. The Obscuro blog calls it metal and I call it metal, this isn’t Jesus Lizard or Happy Flowers type noise rock stuff. The album sounds like a live recording of a performance, it sounds as if Quorthon of Bathory decided to go in a more jazz, improvisational, experimental direction. This shit is insane, this music just explodes into chaos and wrecks destruction, here and there a synth comes in and at one point nature recordings of birds and wind slow down the music. This is white noise you can get drunk on.

The CD copy I got had “Rick” written on it, HA! HA! That isn’t my name. I was glad to even get a copy of this thing, Svaty Vincent’s back story is strange and probably mostly made up or he really believes this stuff about himself. I had to use google translate and go on Czech sites to find out more about him, even then it was sparse info but here goes, so apparently he was widely known in the Czech Republic, he claims he is 2,500 years old, that he is the third divine incarnation, the ruler of the universe and the terrible beast from Saint John’s Revelation, he claims  that he is Lucifer and the Angel of Death, he claims he was investigated by the CIA and NASA, he claims he immigrated to the US in 1980 and was confined to a insane asylum, he says he had a hand in the death of the Soviet Communist Party leader Brezhnev, telepathically lead President Reagan, claimed he mentally started Vietnam and directed the bombing of Hiroshima. Yep this guy made music, he said Prague was the mystical center of the universe and that: “My embalmed body will one day be placed in a glass pyramid in the second courtyard of Prague Castle and pilgrims from all over the world will worship me. My huge statue, blessing Prague, will be erected on the Letna Plain. “

Also a book of his holy sayings was published in the early 1990’s. This guy didn’t care what others thought of him, this is ultimate “outsider music” and you most definitely want to listen to this stuff, it will enrich your life and existence.

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[…] From what I have gathered from the now defunct “Obscuro” blog,  this was compiled by the metal “The Corroseum” blog which is still around, a company in Europe, “Lust Fungus” put this out in 2002 on CD R. The cover apes the book and CD covers of the “Incredibly Strange Music” series put out by the “RE/Search” crew. Boy did they unearth some white noise weirdness track number one features the Russian band “Oblachnyi Kraj” with “Sazhaj Korneplody Uyrschlvag Luk!” A stomping psychedelic metal number with ripping guitars and swirling keyboards and shouted lyrics, your off to a rip roarin’ start, a batch of bad acid. The next two tracks are by the elusive “Damien Storm”,  “Frakenstein’s Castle of Sorcery” starts with what sounds like a Halloween sound record playing in back, out of tune guitars and Damien trying to hit Dio highs but cracking, “Realms of Destiny” follows the same formula, I get the impression the guy plays all the instruments on this album like the awesome Dwarr. Tracks Quadro and Cinco are done by a Nepali hard rock band called “The Crisis” based out of Katmandu, and boy do they wear their foreign influences on their sleeve, both tracks “Kolahal Ma” and “Maya Boki Aau” carry strange tunings and timings, very exotic sounding, wish I could find the full length album, it isn’t anywhere for sale, even on discogs.  The next two are done by Belgian hard rock band “Kuster” and boy oh boy, I was rolling on the grand laughing hard when these two tracks hit my ears, “All A Live” and “Love A Bit”, this is a band attempting to sound like 1980’s era Ozzy Osbourne but they lack the skill and come out sounding like Black Flag era “Slip It In” not a bad thing, the singer is completely out of time and tone deaf, I love this fucking band, their full length is a god damn ripper, more hardcore punk with a metallic edge even though they call themselves “hard rock”. Next up is a one man band (HELL TO THE FUCKING YES!) “Exmortes” who attempts to sound as evil and mysterious as the first wave of black and death metal bands of those days, again the guy doesn’t have the skill, all he seems to do is repeat lines of dialogue, not sing, through his pillow why the same see sawing riff plays in the back with a drum machine, it has to be heard to be believed, both songs “Forced to Be Silent” and “Creed of the Eternal” are mishap masterpieces, I searched out and found all of his output which really isn’t that much. Everybody hates “Exmortes”, I am not one of them. Next up on the list is “Drakar” with “Tunelem Zp├ítky” with a riff that gets stuck in your head, a cascading, snarling riff, the singer isn’t in tune with the riff and the vocals are manipulated, another good oddity out of the Czech Republic. Following that is “Morsure” shouted punk French vocals again out of sync with the rest of the music over thrash guitars, bass and a blast beat drum machine, the band’s full length “Acceleration Process” is pretty awesome, the same craziness with some songs having a Motorhead vibe to them. A comp of bizzarre, left field metal wouldn’t be complete without the Italian doom band “Black Hole” and their song “Blind Men and Occult Forces” slow and plodding metal with a whining synth organ in back and vocals trying to hit highs but not succeeding, find their full length “Realms of Mystery” with crayon created cover, lovely weirdness all over. “The Runaways”, yes the same one, try to do a metal sound called “S-P-E-E-D M-E-T-A-L”, the song is anything but speed metal, its a hard rock number that isn’t fast and leans more towards the punk side of things, but since its “The Runaways” its a must listen. Who’s next? The Russian band “Legion” with the jaw dropping “Hold On” the song starts as a straight ahead death metal tune then descends in to female jazz singing, swinging jazz bass and guitar, the type you’d hear in a sleazy and smoky lounge in Las Vegas, I love this fucking tune, this is sure to piss off a lot of Death Metal purists, who cares fuck em’. And then straight ahead into “Torn Flesh” with their self titled track, a religious thrash band whose singer sounds like he is gurgling marbles and a “clean” singer shouting about Jesus dying on the cross, the guitars and drums are all over the place. A must listen, just like their follow up track “Gay Rights?!” Complete with lyrics like “Its Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”, the same marble vocals and a annoying and snarling riff with shouted background vocals, then a barking dog getting hit with a shoe. Yep you heard that right, God damn or should I say Gosh damn. Next up to bat is the Czech, lunatic “Svaty Vincent” with “Krucifix” Svaty is another unique individual that has his own vision of what music should be, in this case its experimental black metal, riffs, bass, guitar and synth go in all directions while he shouts in Czech like a demonic maniac, I have posted his hard to find live self titled debut album here […]

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