Web Site Spotlight: 366 Weird Movies

Been awhile since I did one of these, hell, been awhile since I have posted, been busy and lazy, since I can’t make a basket of mackerels with this web site I have to do actual work to keep myself alive and after that work is done I don’t want to do anything but veg out and let my brain soak in the book I am reading, the movie/TV show I am watching or the music I am listening to. I really have to force myself to work on my blog, that being said I constantly go to this site, “366 Weird Movies”. This site has introduced me to so many cool movies, TV show and other media I otherwise wouldn’t have heard about. They have different features like “Saturday Shorts” where a weird short of yesteryear or current day is featured every Saturday,  “Apocrypha Candidates” different reviewers try to decide if a certain weird movie should join the list, “Weird Watch Party” where you can join other fans of strange cinema on streaming platforms to group watch a weird movie, “Weird Horizon for the Week” where they list theaters and festivals showing odd movies and DVD and/or Blu Ray releases of strange films for the week, “Whats in the Pipeline” where they discuss movies and TV shows in production or that are coming out in the near future, “Capsules” where movies and TV shows of the past that are bizarre are reviewed, and interviews with film makers. I could read “366 Weird Movies” all day long, but there is a draw back, sometimes “366 Weird Movies” has the “stench of hipster” all over it, some of the pieces are way up their own ass and they make me roll my eyes. The drawback to some of these sites is it seems that the people who run them and write for them think their better than everybody else with their unpopular and fringe tastes and sometimes politics gets injected into the pieces were politics doesn’t even apply which is one of my biggest pet peeves. Look, nobody gives a shit about what you think, talk politics if it has do with the plot or message of the piece of media you are reviewing. This even pisses me off when the person agrees with me, but overall these are minor drawbacks and their rare, though the hipster thing is a light coat over the whole web site. That being said this site is one of the few that searches out movies and TV shows no one else does and as a result I have found a lot of good stuff both old and new. So go over to “366 Weird Movies”, take the road less traveled, even if it is crooked and leads to a rabbit hole.

Go weird here:


White Noise on Paper: Get over your “Fear of Comics”.

After the underground success of “Love and Rockets” comics series came to a screeching temporary halt in 1996, one half of the duo shit his shorts, dived in and swam in the surrealistic and absurd ocean of his own comic, “New Love”. “Fear of Comics” compiles these stories as well as stories from other sources and is volume 17 in the “Love and Rockets” compilations put out by Fantagraphics. While “Love and Rockets” was about young people in lust and love going to punk rock shows, “Fear of Comics” follows the antics of giant moles fucking opera singers, tribes men eating brains, forgotten saints, alien invasion, squadrons of flying women (not in planes either) who dress like retro 1950’s cigarette sales girls fighting giant babies etc. All of the inside pages are in black and white.

On the surface this comic anthology looks like a bunch of nonsense, nonsense for nonsense sake. But noise addicts know to look past the static and drink it all in and there is a lot to drink in, it might get you drunk. While Gilbert has his own style he blends different styles into his own, the prime example being his dead on homage of the artist Herge of Belgian comic “Tin Tin” fame and too be honest, I find “Fear of Comics” more interesting then “Love and Rockets” but that is because I am weirdo. It is a lot less sexual than “Love and Rockets” and the Hernandez brother’s other projects, I mean don’t get me wrong this isn’t G Rated stuff, more like an “R”, unlike Gilbert’s other comic “Blubber” that is a straight up “XXX” and is being put out in a compilation by Fantagraphics in winter, 2021.

Sadly there is no new copies of this anthology out, like all good things Fantagraphics puts out they don’t ever seem to do reprints, no matter how much the fans and other people complain it seems to not phase them one bit. Hell, I’ve even tried to message them with complaints because some of us don’t want to pay astronomical prices for used physical items and to all you “tech cloud” fetishists out there who ejaculate at the fact that everything is digital and think I am a “boomer” for actually wanting to hold something in my hands unlike you guys who seem not to care that the only thing you hold physically in your hand is your shrunken, unused, mommy basement dweller Vienna sausages, good luck finding this anthology on archives or other digital comic sites oh and don’t come crying to me when your external hard drive croaks and all your other back up USBs are corrupted. RANT OVER.

So I bet your asking yourself where can I get “Fear of Comics”? Well stop being afraid and go over here:

There is a few copies that are still affordable better get em’ while their hot!


White Noise Theater: Only perverted scum watch “Marquis” (1989)

If this movie did not have actors in animatronic masks and stop motion sequences I would’ve not even recommended this thing at all. To me it would’ve been a medium temperature, racy, borderline S and M film but what took a mediocre script from “meh” to “FUCK YEAH”was the animal animatronic masks and stop motion sequences. This is just weird and messed up which means you need to see it.  God damn the French are weird (in a good way).

This being a very loosely based story on the Marquis De Sade and his imprisonment in the Bastille, your gonna get a lot of messed up sex stuff. Marquis’ penis talks to him and he constantly argues with it, he fights his smaller head with his bigger head sometimes he succeeds sometimes he doesn’t which is saying a lot, most men, myself included, let the little guy downstairs make their decisions for them, especially when they are younger which normally leads to disaster.

Your gonna get S and M sequences with people in animal masks, whipping, a man in a pig mask cutting off his own leg, a rat masked man torturing a cow faced maid by milking her, whipping, walls having orgasms…your saying “Wait? Did I read that right?” Yes you fucking did and that is something I thought I’d never ever type.

The story is a mix of things, De Sade in the Bastille, revolutionaries wanting to blow the Bastille up, the authorities trying to blame Marquis for impregnating the girl King Louis raped, a French Revolutionary horse faced woman with a hot body who whips and tortures the rooster faced warden which he gets pleasure out of and the warden gives up info on guard movements in the prison etc.  Not to mention there is stop motion claymation scenes in between, when Marquis tells one of his perverted stories, and when he has a dream.

CGI RANT ALERT! Its nice to see a movie that uses ACTUAL FUCKING PRACTICAL EFFECTS. There I said it and will continue to say it. I love foam rubber, latex, corn syrup blood etc. Any movie that has those elements overwhelmingly present goes in the good book, this movie is in my good book. “Marquis” is something you can’t miss, delectable white noise that will stroke that weird nerve so hard you’ll mentally cum.

“Marquis” was a project for cartoonist Roland Topor who did production design for the French cult animated film “Fantastic Planet” which I also will review sometime down the road, well that road is long, and its gonna be way, way, WAY down the road. Two of the characters, Juilette and Justine are named after two characters from De Sade’s books. This movie might piss some people off no doubt, its almost more creepier and perverted that people in animal masks acted this out as opposed to just straight up people. If you get nightmares easy don’t watch “Marquis” but if you want to be wonderfully disturbed then “Marquis” should be putting you on the rack, my friend.

So where do you want to be whipped? Well if you want it right in the eyes right now go to:

If you want it hard and physical jump on over to the “Trash Palace” great site run by my buddy Brian, he has alot of movies you won’t find anywhere else hit him up here he’s got DVD copies of  “Marquis” just scroll down:

A cool slide show of how they put the masks together for this movie, cool stuff:



Visual White Noise Theater: This makes me “Furious”! (1984)

Visual white noise this is. Incoherent plot. Ridiculous fight scenes. Killer Chefs. A sorcerer that shoots chickens out of his fingers and turns unruly foot soldiers into chickens and then turns himself into a pig. A rip off Devo band. Exploding skeletons. Foam rubber dragons. WTF is this shit? When I am asking that question that means that I am having a good time.

I seriously have no idea how this thing was breathed into existence but I am glad that it was. Explanations escape me, at first I actually thought this movie was made this way because of a language barrier, kind of like “Miami Connection” or “Samurai Cop” and genius results inadvertently. Nope, two dudes with American names, Tim Everett and Tom Satori, wrote and directed it. Maybe large amounts of coke contributed to the nut house logic of this movie, hey it was 1984.

Simon, played by Simon Rhee a real life martial arts expert, finds out his sister Kim Lee, played by Arlene Montano, former Miss Philippines, was murdered by some thugs when she tries to retrieve some magic box, the thugs take a small tusk from her that gives directions to the magic box. Simon visits his sensei in some huge, glass corporate building, the sensei is floating off the ground in a lotus position and sends Simon out to find the killers of his sister. The sensei, Master Chan, is played by Simon’s real life brother Philip Rhee. From there you get talking Buddhas, Chinese restaurants where shirtless men juggle swords, waiters with weird masks, close ups of old women eating chicken (fucking disgusting by the way) etc.

Another thing, Simon seems to live in a hut where kids outside practice martial arts, the whole time I was watching this I was asking myself, what are those kids doing there? How did they get there? Does he teach martial arts? Were they orphans who had no place to go? Or even worse was Simon some type of creep? The questions don’t get answered, the kids are there and at one point they participate in beating up the Devo band wannabes outside the glass structure, this Simon guy doesn’t care that he is putting youths in danger. Speaking of the glass building, it looks like one of those structures that house lawyers upstairs and realtors downstairs. Maybe one of the film people’s brother’s friend of a friend worked there and they got permission to film there. You’ll be asking a lot of questions and they won’t get answered, failed martial arts students turned into chickens and served at a restaurant (Is it cannibalism if they were once humans?), battles in the astral plane and maniacs in Russian fur hats. Confusing, isn’t it?

“Furious” might make you furious, especially if your fans of movies like “The Avengers” and “The Fast and Furious” (see what I did there?) it might make you mad anyways. Its as if the filmmakers threw a bunch of ideas at the wall and whatever stuck they threw into the movie. “We’ll have a battle on the astral plane! Yeah thats it, that’ll hook em’! That band, those weird guys with the pyramid hats, glasses and jump suits, Devo, we’ll make bad guys that look like them and play in a band in the middle of the movie! We’ll have people turn into chickens! We’ll have karate! We’ll make millions, baby, millions!” (snort, snort, snort) Bet you that is how it went down too.

Apparently the Rhee brothers were stunt coordinators on this film and some of the people fighting in this movie are their students. I am not gonna deceive you, “Furious” is a cluster fuck of visual white noise, it might overwhelm you with its all encompassing power. Your jaw will drop to the fucking floor, lets hear it for “Furious”!


So you are asking yourself, where the hell do I view this 73 minute disaster piece? Well your in luck you can see it here:

And if you aren’t up for tuber’s hi jinx you can also see it here:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!