White Noise Theater: Only perverted scum watch “Marquis” (1989)

If this movie did not have actors in animatronic masks and stop motion sequences I would’ve not even recommended this thing at all. To me it would’ve been a medium temperature, racy, borderline S and M film but what took a mediocre script from “meh” to “FUCK YEAH”was the animal animatronic masks and stop motion sequences. This is just weird and messed up which means you need to see it.  God damn the French are weird (in a good way).

This being a very loosely based story on the Marquis De Sade and his imprisonment in the Bastille, your gonna get a lot of messed up sex stuff. Marquis’ penis talks to him and he constantly argues with it, he fights his smaller head with his bigger head sometimes he succeeds sometimes he doesn’t which is saying a lot, most men, myself included, let the little guy downstairs make their decisions for them, especially when they are younger which normally leads to disaster.

Your gonna get S and M sequences with people in animal masks, whipping, a man in a pig mask cutting off his own leg, a rat masked man torturing a cow faced maid by milking her, whipping, walls having orgasms…your saying “Wait? Did I read that right?” Yes you fucking did and that is something I thought I’d never ever type.

The story is a mix of things, De Sade in the Bastille, revolutionaries wanting to blow the Bastille up, the authorities trying to blame Marquis for impregnating the girl King Louis raped, a French Revolutionary horse faced woman with a hot body who whips and tortures the rooster faced warden which he gets pleasure out of and the warden gives up info on guard movements in the prison etc.  Not to mention there is stop motion claymation scenes in between, when Marquis tells one of his perverted stories, and when he has a dream.

CGI RANT ALERT! Its nice to see a movie that uses ACTUAL FUCKING PRACTICAL EFFECTS. There I said it and will continue to say it. I love foam rubber, latex, corn syrup blood etc. Any movie that has those elements overwhelmingly present goes in the good book, this movie is in my good book. “Marquis” is something you can’t miss, delectable white noise that will stroke that weird nerve so hard you’ll mentally cum.

“Marquis” was a project for cartoonist Roland Topor who did production design for the French cult animated film “Fantastic Planet” which I also will review sometime down the road, well that road is long, and its gonna be way, way, WAY down the road. Two of the characters, Juilette and Justine are named after two characters from De Sade’s books. This movie might piss some people off no doubt, its almost more creepier and perverted that people in animal masks acted this out as opposed to just straight up people. If you get nightmares easy don’t watch “Marquis” but if you want to be wonderfully disturbed then “Marquis” should be putting you on the rack, my friend.

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