Visual White Noise Theater: This makes me “Furious”! (1984)

Visual white noise this is. Incoherent plot. Ridiculous fight scenes. Killer Chefs. A sorcerer that shoots chickens out of his fingers and turns unruly foot soldiers into chickens and then turns himself into a pig. A rip off Devo band. Exploding skeletons. Foam rubber dragons. WTF is this shit? When I am asking that question that means that I am having a good time.

I seriously have no idea how this thing was breathed into existence but I am glad that it was. Explanations escape me, at first I actually thought this movie was made this way because of a language barrier, kind of like “Miami Connection” or “Samurai Cop” and genius results inadvertently. Nope, two dudes with American names, Tim Everett and Tom Satori, wrote and directed it. Maybe large amounts of coke contributed to the nut house logic of this movie, hey it was 1984.

Simon, played by Simon Rhee a real life martial arts expert, finds out his sister Kim Lee, played by Arlene Montano, former Miss Philippines, was murdered by some thugs when she tries to retrieve some magic box, the thugs take a small tusk from her that gives directions to the magic box. Simon visits his sensei in some huge, glass corporate building, the sensei is floating off the ground in a lotus position and sends Simon out to find the killers of his sister. The sensei, Master Chan, is played by Simon’s real life brother Philip Rhee. From there you get talking Buddhas, Chinese restaurants where shirtless men juggle swords, waiters with weird masks, close ups of old women eating chicken (fucking disgusting by the way) etc.

Another thing, Simon seems to live in a hut where kids outside practice martial arts, the whole time I was watching this I was asking myself, what are those kids doing there? How did they get there? Does he teach martial arts? Were they orphans who had no place to go? Or even worse was Simon some type of creep? The questions don’t get answered, the kids are there and at one point they participate in beating up the Devo band wannabes outside the glass structure, this Simon guy doesn’t care that he is putting youths in danger. Speaking of the glass building, it looks like one of those structures that house lawyers upstairs and realtors downstairs. Maybe one of the film people’s brother’s friend of a friend worked there and they got permission to film there. You’ll be asking a lot of questions and they won’t get answered, failed martial arts students turned into chickens and served at a restaurant (Is it cannibalism if they were once humans?), battles in the astral plane and maniacs in Russian fur hats. Confusing, isn’t it?

“Furious” might make you furious, especially if your fans of movies like “The Avengers” and “The Fast and Furious” (see what I did there?) it might make you mad anyways. Its as if the filmmakers threw a bunch of ideas at the wall and whatever stuck they threw into the movie. “We’ll have a battle on the astral plane! Yeah thats it, that’ll hook em’! That band, those weird guys with the pyramid hats, glasses and jump suits, Devo, we’ll make bad guys that look like them and play in a band in the middle of the movie! We’ll have people turn into chickens! We’ll have karate! We’ll make millions, baby, millions!” (snort, snort, snort) Bet you that is how it went down too.

Apparently the Rhee brothers were stunt coordinators on this film and some of the people fighting in this movie are their students. I am not gonna deceive you, “Furious” is a cluster fuck of visual white noise, it might overwhelm you with its all encompassing power. Your jaw will drop to the fucking floor, lets hear it for “Furious”!


So you are asking yourself, where the hell do I view this 73 minute disaster piece? Well your in luck you can see it here:

And if you aren’t up for tuber’s hi jinx you can also see it here:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

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