White Noise Eardrum Buster: There is only one, “Dwarr-Holy One” (2000)

Picking one song from Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” album, that song being “Planet Caravan”, and stretching it across a whole album takes brass balls and Dwarr has them alright.

This album is way different from anything I have heard, this was Dwarr’s comeback album after years of being away from the music scene. I probably should’ve reviewed this one first and not his next album “Times of Terror”. The “Holy One” and “Times of Terror” are hard to find, his first two, “Starting Over” and “Animals” are easier to find but now that the mighty Dwarr has his own web site up you can order CDs, T shirts and bandannas. Dwarr is a musical genius, a one man band, on his records he plays every instrument. This album is different from all of his other output which is pretty crazy and different doom metal. This album is hard to classify, like I said its as if he took the song “Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath and put it in a blender with Hawkwind. Boom! You got “Holy One”.

“Holy One” is full of Dwarr’s genius insanity, weird time changes and signatures all over the place, sax and flute solos, and wailing synths. Christian lyrics dominate this album, along with Dwarr making his vocals less Ozzy and more like a wavering vapor ghost. This has got a more space rock/psychedelic/experimental metal feel to it, with Dwarr you can always expect “genre” to be turned on it’s head. He does “Doom Metal” his way and as you will hear on this album.

Don’t let the Christian lyrics turn you off if you aren’t religious, the lyrics actually add to the strange atmosphere of the music and if you dismiss this stuff because of the religious bent you are missing out. So drop by Dwarr’s web site and drop some wampum on him. He is a true original.

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