White Noise Eardrum Buster: Goat Majesty-Death Curse

Tape notes
In your ear!

This is some noise for your ears, addicts. Need your fix? Shoot this right into your ear drum, and you’ll be floating in golden blackness. This tape was put out by A.S.K.E (Anti Social Kultur England), the owner used to have a bandcamp page for all his artist’s releases, now he doesn’t and discogs doesn’t have the latest A.S.K.E releases. I’ve contacted the guy before, he is a very private person and like me doesn’t use giant platforms to promote his artists. That being said Goat Majesty does have a bandcamp page but not with this release on it. I had to get it through Analog Worship. I loved Goat Majesty on a dark ambient comp tape I scored awhile ago. When it comes to the “noise” genre of music my favorite is Dark Ambient, not a big fan of HWN (Harsh Wall of Noise) it sounds all alike to me. This tape is must have for fans of noise, nice dark drones, swirling synths and field recordings. You can listen to it here:

Support the artist and get the tape here while supplies last:

Goat Majesty’s bandcamp page buy some of their music there too:

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