White Noise on Paper: Reve Ecarlate by Toshio Saeki Is Gonna Gouge Your Eyes Out!!!

Want to have waking nightmares? Want something that will make you want to rub your eyes with Brillo pads after viewing it? Than look no further than:

Toshio Saeki, is one of those creepy “Ero Guro” Japanese artists that paints or draws people and things being raped, eviscerated, sucked, shelled etc. in vibrant colors. This book is an anthology of 20 years of work that was first published in SM Selecto Magazine.

It starts with art from 1970 and ends with 1972, Saeki uses vibrant colors and his artwork is nightmare like he uses a lot of Japanese culture and mythology in his art, strained through a bat shit crazy mind.

Jean-Louis Gauthey the guy who put this book together put it pretty good “Each and everyone is convinced to find something they already know: Hiroshige’s precise stroke, Sade’s perversity, themes dear to Ranpo and Herge’s clear trait.” And yes as you can see De Sade’s perversity is sprinkled liberally throughout.

I even have problems de scrambling this visual white noise. It is sick but it is unique, it makes it almost even more disturbing the neon and pastel colors he uses and simple line form of drawing. There is a disturbing beauty in this stuff I find intriguing.

This is a warning to you some of you, maybe some of you like me have built a tolerance for audio and visual drugs, this book might make you overdose, it will empty your wallet and it isn’t cheap but it is well worth it for anybody who needs visual white noise in their lives.

So if you want to get a hold of a copy of this book, I got to warn you they are in limited quantities but the folks at Aka Tako have copies left, Aka Tako has other Ero Guro artists in its stable that I’ll have to eventually check out!!! To get it:

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