Visual White Noise Theater: Go ahead “Let the Corpses Tan” (2017)

Wow oh wow. If this had been made in the 1960’s/1970’s and not 2017 nobody would’ve known the difference. This is what would happen if you threw Spaghetti Westerns, Euro Sleaze, up your ass art films and Poliziotteschi films in a blender, this is what would result. With a soundtrack that sounds straight Morricone, bright colored titles and sequences, this could’ve been a lost Leone film if it was made by Belgians instead of Italians. Three Criminals, one sex addict, two cops, two ladies with a child, a failed novelist, a grifting lawyer all shoot at and plot against each other over stolen gold, all of this taking place in a old mission type church where the sex addict MILF who seems to own it runs an artist commune. One of the criminals looks like a French Charles Bronson minus the mustache, and another is a craggy, rough looking guy, Bernie Bonvoisin, that in real life fronts a French heavy metal band that sounds like AC/DC called “Trust” which has been around forever. There is nudity, blood gushing, liquid gold thrown on people, insane edit cuts, leather gloves and leather jackets.

The movie is based on a novel “Laissez Bronzer Les Cadavres” by Jean-Patrick Manchette and Jean Pierre Bastid, Manchette is credited with reviving the crime novel in France in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Sometimes this movie can drag, especially with the arty sequences, sometimes it can be confusing. Some events take place in the past with one of the characters remembering things from when he was young and his youthful indiscretions with what I assume is the sex addict MILF art commune leader. It also shows the same events from the different points of view of the different characters which I thought was pretty cool. Some people might go “What the fuck is going on?” And I wouldn’t blame them one bit either.

The twin subjects of lust and greed come up often, and seem to be the main points of the movie. All of this happens over gold. Gold is evil. Which to me is kind of a simplistic point to make in a movie, but it tries to go deeper than that but it doesn’t try enough. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t preachy, if it was I wouldn’t waste my time or yours writing a review on this movie. Again this blog is about things I find interesting or cool I want to share with everybody else, I’ll never waste your time with boring, puerile noise. “Let the Corpses Tan” is not completely boring and it isn’t puerile. Its fascinating how they took the old Poliziotteschi formula and breathed new life into it. This movie doesn’t tell you what time period this takes place in because it could take place any time but it seems the absence of cell phones in the movie dates this back to the 1970’s or early 1980’s, as I have said its got the whole spaghetti western vibe to it.

Wikipedia lists this movie in the “Weird Western Crime Film” genre, it is a crime film and there is elements of a western and it is weird but the actual definition of a “Weird Western” is a western that has supernatural, sci fi and/or occult elements, none of these are in the film as far as I could see. Yeah there is weird segments that to me seem more metaphorical and not in anyway supernatural. Maybe you will see it differently.

There is a lot of people that are saying they are sick of all the retro call backs in movies. I never get sick of these types of movies, in fact I go out of my way to find them. The best ones are the ones that combine the past with the present to create something new, of course nothing is new under the sun, everything has been done before, however its in how you mix those elements together to create something different and fresh. Kind of like ingredients in recipe, all in existence being mixed together to create a new dish, “Let the Corpses Tan” is visual white noise that does that.

Bernie in the middle.

To get tanned go to:

There is gold in dem hills!!!

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