Website Spotlight: Kindertrauma

As a kid do you remember those times when a movie or TV show scared the ever living shit out of you and the trauma stayed with you into adulthood? Then you were so traumatized you forgot the name of the movie, saw a clip in passing or snuck down the hall or stairs while your parents were watching something a kid shouldn’t? Then “Kindertrauma” is for you! And they’ll help you find that traumatizing piece of media. Love this site, it deals in visual white noise, the kind I like. The kind that scared us as kids. Of course something that scared you as a kid might not even effect you the same as a grown up. You almost feel let down after finding the piece of media you were looking for, and you say to yourself “Man I was a fucking pussy, this scared me?” Sometimes that realization will ruin your day or even worse, your year. Of course sometimes if you find what you are looking for you may get re traumatized. This site is a lot of fun, its site you must  check out. They’ll sometimes post random stills and have you guess what movie it is. They have reviews and various people writing about their memories of being traumatized by a TV show or movie and if you can’t remember the name of something you can submit a question and they will try to help you out if your request is valid. So get trauma, Kindertrauma here: