White Noise on Paper: Take the ride with “H.R. Giger Arh”.

Finding a cheap book of H.R. Giger’s work is near impossible, most are out of print and will clean out your wallet in no time. I mean, its easy to understand, the guy is a dark genius whose mind still inspires Hollywood to this day , he did work for various movies, chief among them, the “Alien” movies and won a Oscar for the first “Alien” movie. But this book isn’t just strictly an art book, in between the pieces of his darkly erotic art is his own story in his own words.

His art was mainly a hybrid of living things connected to machines, darkly cold and hellish. One can see the light film that lays over all his creations, like a embryonic sack, the man was a master of the air brush, later pastels, markers and ink you’ll get some stories in this book of what he was inspired by. Giger was gonna do design work for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s version of “Dune”, there is a cool documentary on that Jodorowsky “Dune” movie that never was that was going to feature Salvador Dali on a giant toilet throne, Orson Welles as the Baron flying around, and a whole planet designed by Giger with music by Pink Floyd and French progressive rock band Magma (who Giger did album art for) which didn’t pan out, Lynch ended up doing “Dune”, Giger had always wanted to work with Lynch which never happened, Giger always said that Lynch’s “Eraserhead” was closer to what a Giger film would look like than any of the movies he worked on or designed.

Timothy Leary writes the forward for the book, not only is there Giger’s art, there is pictures and news clippings throughout the book. Granted this is a book that only goes up to the man’s career, mid 1980’s, the stories start from Giger’s straitlaced childhood in Switzerland, to his turbulent teens and successful adulthood, you’ll see a somewhat normal guy whose art defies what you see on the surface. Giger is a legend, he has designed some kick ass album work for Celtic Frost, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and the Dead Kennedys, his art got the Dead Kennedys an obscenity charge back in the day. This book is relatively cheap compared to a lot of the other Giger books out there. To dive into the dark world that is Giger go here:

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