Visual White Noise Theater: Get a “Light Blast” in your face!!!

If you want to watch a movie that will melt your face and has face melting in it look no further than “Light Blast”. Erik Estrada, fresh off the set of “CHiPs” plays Ron Warren, a San Francisco police detective (wait, he doesn’t look like a “Ron Warren” sorry, I am pointing out the obvious don’t care if you are offended either) who goes after a mad scientist/professor Dr. Yuri Svoboda (played by Italian actor Enio Girolami) who has a laser weapon that can melt huge groups of people, the first people he uses it on are a teenage couple getting hot and heavy in a train yard, tight teen titties pop up and the professor melts them.

Directed by Enzo G. Castellari, who directed the original “Inglorious Bastards”, (Quentin Tarantino ripped off the title for his movie), and the post apocalyptic cinematic turd “1990: The Bronx Warriors” a rip off of “Escape from New York”. This movie was an Italian/American production, you’ll see a lot more Italian names in the credits than American ones. Unlike a lot of Italian productions, it looked like they actually had some money, instead of shooting their whole movie in a warehouse, office building or forest preserve, it looked like they actually got to shoot in Network news buildings, police stations and even on a freeway, they didn’t look like they shot in one limited location like most low budget flicks. However, at the Derby race when Erik goes to stop the mad scientist from melting the crowd the film makers use stock footage from “Herbie The Love Bug” and “Fireball 500” for the derby race which shows some cheapness in the production.

You can’t beat dialogue like this from Erik “Its maggots like you that make me like my job”. OHHHHHHH! OWNED! The mad professor black mails the mayor of San Francisco by telling him if he doesn’t get millions of dollars he is gonna start melting larger groups of people. What ensues is insanity, an action movie that goes off the rails and never gets back on them, you get car chases, car explosions, people melting, people shot in the face, multiple people on fire, corny porn like music more at home in the 1970’s than the 1980’s, titties and weird looking people. What more do you want in an action movie?!

Of course this being an Italian action movie about a mad scientist with a laser weapon you’ll have to suspend your disbelief or you won’t enjoy this movie. Your gonna have to shut off the rational part of your brain and bathe in the stupidity that is “Light Blast”. In one scene Erick chases one of the main villain’s henchmen who has a John Holmes like pornstache to a funeral home, in the funeral home is the mad scientist’s hot young wife working on putting make up on a corpse, she gets in a kung fu (more like “dumb fu”) fight with Erick, she kicks the ever living shit out of him, punching him in the face, kicking him in the nuts and face, Erick gets his gun and shoots her. After the fight he is at the police station, with no black eyes or bruises anywhere! Guy heals fast, not to mention after getting kicked in the balls repeatedly he still fights like nothing happened, now if your a man you know that is impossible, if somebody steals your family jewels you’ll be crying in pain if you get my drift and you won’t be able to fight.

“Ridiculous” is “Light Blast”s middle name. Its a movie I watch at least once every year, this is my kind of action movie, a movie written by a fourteen year old in his creative writing class in junior high. There is even a “junior high creative writing class moment” with the abrupt ending which I won’t give away. At the end I laugh and I clap. Some of Mr. Estrada’s best work and that isn’t saying a lot.

So do want to get “Light Blast”ed in the face? Go here:

This has never been released officially so guess what? Use a search engine to find sellers who make bootleg copies if you want a physical one that bad.

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